Salma Hayek Pinault Claims Her Spouse Doesn’t Get Envious, Making It Simple To Invite Strippers From “Magic Mike” Into The House

The marriage of Salma Hayek Pinault and François Henri Pinault is stable.The actress, who has been Relationships Channing Tatum for over 15 years and is currently seen in “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” felt comfortable enough to get close to the strippers while they were working on the scene of her most recent movie.

What Did Salma Hayek Said?

She told People, “My spouse is not a jealous man.I used to phone him frequently while on set and say, “Oh my God, I feel so bad,” because I had a preconceived notion of how the guys and strippers would act. However, they aren’t. They’re beautiful. They are such wonderful men. Oh God, you’re becoming best friends with the strippers, isn’t that what [my spouse] is saying. And I responded, “Yes!”Salma Hayek attributes François-Henri Pinault’s absence from it.

Hayek Pinault, who has been married since 2009, claims that her French businessman husband left a lasting impact on the strippers while they were filming, garnering more attention than she did. He visited the scene a few times. One in particular would visit and seek his business guidance. He could speak French and was well-versed in François. He declares, “I’m a huge fan.” He responded to François more so than to me!

Magic Mike Last Dance

According to Salma Hayek, her spouse was well-liked on the “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” set. The friendship between the strippers and Hayek Pinault had developed to the point where she felt at ease inviting them into her home by the time the film had ended.

Salma Hayek Pinault
Source: CNN

On January 25, 2023, Salma Hayek visits the “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” world premiere in Miami Beach, Florida. In the film, Hayek Pinault portrays a wealthy socialite going through a divorce who asks Magic Mike (Tatum) for assistance in producing a new show in London.

The 56-year-old performer describes Tatum as “like a Southern gentleman” who values that. because he’s so funny, silly, and nice. He is a possibility. He could also be extremely intelligent, committed, and concentrated… He is always gracious.I told him, “Your mom taught you well,” I said. That typically originates from the mother, in my opinion. I believe that is accurate.

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