Is Tammy Slaton Still Married? Who is Tammy Slaton’s Husband?

One half of the renowned 1000-lb Sisters duo, Tammy Slaton, is interesting in several ways. Tammy and her sister Amy Slaton together made their reality television debut on the show’s inaugural season that was held in the year 2020. Even though Tammy has been extraordinarily transparent and honest about her weight reduction journey on 1000-Lb Sisters, there are still several topics she rarely discusses. There is a lot to discover about her life, from her early years to her most recent relationship situation.

Tammy Slaton Got Married?

In the recent episode of 1000 Lb, Tammy Slaton will reveal more about her upcoming wedding that took place in November, which viewers will be able to see in advance. The 36-year-old 1000-Lb Sisters actress was nervous on her wedding day. Tammy is now married to their husband Caleb Willingham at Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center that is located in Gibsonburg, Ohio.

Tammy Slaton's Husband Caleb Willingham Sought Rehab After His Parents Died
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Slaton told a famous news magazine that she was so terrified sitting in the chair while getting her hair and make-up done and seeing her family all ready for her wedding. She added that her brother took her down the aisle while she admired how well-groomed all her friends and family members looked. After then, she noticed her husband and his good looks which made her heart stop.

The couple first met at a recovery facility, where they later fell in love, and the wedding ceremony was also held there. The 1000-Lb season finale will include footage from Tammy’s wedding and it will premiere on Tuesday, March 21 at 9 p.m., on TLC.

Slaton continued while telling that everything about the ceremony was awesome along with the promises that were made by her husband. She went on by saying that sshereceived the best wedding that she could have hoped for and the kiss that followed confirmed that he was her husband. Slaton invited 30 friends and family members to the intimate ceremony, which she first shared with a famous news magazine late last year.

When Did Willingham Proposed Tammy?

Willingham, 39, proposed to Tammy for the first time in late October of the last year. The proposal was caught on camera and sent to The Sun, which noted that the two had experienced many of the same difficulties and had been a “great support” to one another while they were in rehab.

In January, the reality star spoke with a news magazine about her life as a bride, revealing that there was so much love in the room on her wedding day. She claimed that she felt like she married my best friend.

1000-Lb. Sisters' Tammy Slaton on Newlywed Life with Husband Caleb
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At the moment, Slaton stated that she had never been happy and that she enjoyed seeing his face when she first gets out of bed in the morning and every evening before going to bed, she would love to see his face.

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