Is Tom Girardi Still Alive Or Dead?

The internet is buzzing with rumors of the passing of Tom Girardi, a former solicitor, and co-founder of the now-defunct law firm Girardi & Keese. A name that is popular on the internet is raising a lot of questions in people’s minds. Yeah, Tom Girardi is the trending topic at this time. Because of the news of his passing, his name is trending online. Rumors of his death are circulating online and while some people are still struggling to accept his death, others have done so. So is Girardi dead or alive? Let’s go on to learn more about the story in detail.

Know About Tom Girardi-

Thomas Vincent Girardi, who is more known by his short name Tom Girardi, was a former attorney. Tom was most known for being a co-founder of the now-defunct downtown law firm called “Girardi & Keese,” that is situated in Los Angeles.

Girardi was born in Denver, Colorado, in the United States on June 3 in the year 1939. He earned his high school diploma from Loyola High School located in Los Angeles in the year 1957, whereas he pursued his undergraduate degree from Loyola Marymount University in the year 1961. Later in the year 1964, he graduated from Loyola Law School, and in then in the year 1965, he earned his LL.M. from New York University.

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Girardi’s lengthy legal career, which spanned several decades, was distinguished by several high-profile cases involving medical negligence, wrongful death, and personal injury claims. He managed the necessary legal proceedings against the former Lockheed Corp., the seven top studios in Hollywood, and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. In the politics of the Democratic Party, he is well known for giving millions of dollars to campaigns and fundraisers and counseling governors on judicial nominations.

Is Tom Girardi Still Alive Or Dead?

Tom Girardi is still a living, healthy person. He is alive and any official platform or news source has not said anything about his death news. The former solicitor received an Alzheimer’s diagnosis in March of the year 2021 and was subsequently admitted to a memory care facility later in August of the year 2021.

He supposedly resides in a Burbank facility for elderly people with memory impairments. Online rumors about his death have been circulating recently, but none of them are true. This is not the first time that a celebrity is in the headlines because of death news.

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Tom was widely regarded as one of the most skilled litigators in the area, and he was well known for helping his clients win significant settlements and judgments. He was the first trial attorney appointed to the California Judicial Council, which oversees the state courts. Yet, in 2022 when he was charged with defrauding clients, his reputation took a serious hit.

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