Andrea Cincotta, Was She Murdered by her Fiance?

Chris Johnson has been entangled in a complex murder mystery for nearly 25 years, which he claims has destroyed his family and his life. In their residence in Arlington, Virginia, Johnson discovered his then-fiancée Andrea Cincotta, 52, dead back in the year 1998. The reports stated the cause of her death by her being brutally pushed inside a bedroom closet after being strangled.

Was Andrea Cincotta Murdered by Her Fiance?

Johnson was never charged, even though the police had suspicions about him right away. Then later in the year 2018, things began to alter. Bobby Joe Leonard, a convicted rapist, said to detectives that he had been paid to kill Cincotta by a guy he thought to be her boyfriend.

My husband Chris Johnson was accused of ordering murder of his fiancée Andrea Cincotta - but I still stayed by him | The US Sun
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As a result, Johnson was charged with murder-for-hire by Arlington prosecutors in November of the year 2021. Johnson, who is 61 years old now, entered a not-guilty plea to the accusation. He has upheld his innocence and continues to be in mourning over his then-fiance, Cincotta. However, Johnson was cleared of all charges in October.

What Andrea’s Then-fiance Said About All This?

In an exclusive interview for a news channel, Johnson said, that he felt sorry because he wasn’t there to protect her. The “20/20” news channel has decided to episode a documentary on this case which is to be streamed on online streaming platform, Hulu. This documentary will air on 10th March, at 9 p.m. ET. The documentary will seem to include additional footage from the police investigation, exclusive interviews with jurors, along Johnson’s open interview.

Back in the year 1998, on August 21, Johnson reported he couldn’t locate Cincotta when he got home. He claimed to have discovered her body inside the bedroom closet after many hours of finding her. Johnson then dialed 911 and was questioned by Arlington police for many days. He didn’t ask for a lawyer and claimed on “20/20” that detectives shouted at him and were hostile, accusing him of murdering his fiancée.

A detective once informed Johnson that Cincotta had survived after he returned home and that his fingerprints had been discovered on her. After the questioning, Johnson discovered that was a falsehood.

Fiancé acquitted in murder-for-hire plot speaks out - ABC News
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Johnson remarked that he was stunned and wondered how do they manage to get away with it and how was all that even possible? He also mentioned that police can be trusted because they are truthful and that there was virtually no reason for him to think they were lying to him.

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