Adele Signs Wedding Dress Of Woman Who Shortens Big Day To Attend Concert

After stopping her concert to sign the bride’s magnificent dress, singer Adele “let the skyfall” when she left a wedding couple overcome with emotion. She did this by leaving them “let the skyfall.”

According to reports from “,” the pair decided to cut their wedding day short so that they could finish the night watching the superstar perform at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Adele, now 34 years old, was in the middle of performing her song “When We Were Young” when she noticed hairstylist Gaby and real estate agent Evan Koris. The couple had made a commitment seven years earlier to have Adele perform at their wedding.

According to “,” the woman started laughing uncontrollably after she stopped and asked the couple whether they had recently gotten married. The bride frantically searched for a pen and finally located one, at which point Adele began writing on the bride’s dress, putting an exclamation point to an already amazing wedding day.

Viral Clip Shows Adele Signing Bride's Gown Mid-Concert
Source: NDTV

When the gobsmacked couple’s special day came to an end in elegant fashion, the British icon continued to sing while she autographed the garment.

Posting to Instagram, Gaby said: “On cloud one million.

Posting to Instagram, Gaby said: “On cloud one million. I’m having trouble holding back the tears as I think about this moment, her concert, and celebrating with our loved ones. Our vision was realised, and we still can’t believe all of this is actually happening. On the most memorable day of our lives, we were able to capture the most priceless moment of our lives. Thank you @adele.”

In her words: “Weekends with Adele. My dreams have come true: I have found the man I will spend the rest of my life with, and he is adamant that Adele will perform at our wedding… After another 7 years, we saw all of our hopes come true. We are grateful to Adele for providing us with a memory that will last a lifetime.”

The singer, who became known for her popular song “Hello,” also had the option of seeking the couple’s guidance for their wedding.

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