How did Paulo Caruso die? Cartoonist Paulo Caruso dies at 73

Caricaturist, cartoonist, painter, and musician Paulo José de Hespanha Caruso, who was 73 years old, just passed away in São Paulo. Let’s take a look at the specifics surrounding the death of cartoonist Paulo Caruso, including the manner in which he passed away and the reasons he succumbed to his injuries.

What happened to Paolo Caruso, the cartoonist?

On March 4, 2023, at the age of 73, cartoonist Paulo Caruso died away in São Paulo. The city’s Hospital 9 de Julho examined him. He had been admitted to the hospital, and his death was recorded this morning.

No more information is being released “to protect the patient’s and his family’s privacy.”

His most famous works are the cartoons in Época magazine, the live recordings of the TV Cultura show Roda Viva, and the column “Avenida Brazil” in Isto É magazine.

Brazilian politician Eduaro Suplicy wrote a heartfelt tribute to Caruso, calling him “Brazil’s finest cartoonist,” and sharing it on social media. One of Brazil’s most celebrated cartoonists passed away today. Paulo Caruso, a Brazilian journalist who has achieved great success, toasted us each week on ‘Roda Viva’ with his wit and insight. Please give my best to his talented cartoonist brother, @chicocaruss, and his loved ones.

In a piece he penned, Marcos Da Costa, a politician, said ” I was shocked to hear of the demise of Paulo Caruso, a TV Cultura coworker and friend. More than often, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing a depiction of myself in his works. My presentation at Roda Viva features one of them.

Paulo Caruso Cause of death

We regret to tell you that Paolo Caruso has died away. Paolo Caruso had a warm and approachable demeanour, according to fans. Given the recent events, many people are likely inquisitive about Paulo Caruso’s actual cause of death.

Paulo had spent nearly a month getting treatment for intestinal cancer at the Nove de Julho hospital in São Paulo. He couldn’t say no to his family’s request that he be extubated on Friday night so that he could hang out with his pals on Saturday morning. On March 4, 2023, the world lost a great singer when Paulo Caruso passed away. The community is inconsolable because of the manner of Paolo Caruso’s death.

Paulo Caruso, cartunista do 'Roda Viva', morre aos 73 anos
Source: Portal OP Mais

How did Paulo Caruso die?

Paulo Paulo Caruso, or José Hespanha Caruso, was a Brazilian cartoonist. He shared a DNA sequence with cartoonist Chico Caruso, was the father of filmmaker Paulinho Caruso, and the uncle of comedian Fernando Caruso. His weekly political cartoon, Avenida Brasil, appeared in Isto É magazine for many years under his signature and appeared on the monthly’s last page. He currently draws cartoons for Época and does sketches for Roda Viva on TV Cultura. His work as a musician with Conjunto Nacional and Histórias em Comics is equally noteworthy.

His grandfather inspired him to pick up a paintbrush when he was five, and by the late ’60s, when the military dictatorship was in full swing, the artist’s work was being featured in newspapers. During this time period, he created landmark works like “Avenida Brazil” that are recognised for their biting political satire. Drawing caricatures of well-known Brazilians every Monday during interviews on Roda Viva propelled him to fame; he was awarded the best designer prize by the So Paulo Association of Art Critics in 1994, among other honours.

From 1969 till 1976, he studied architecture at USP. He shared a house with twenty-four other free-thinkers. He claimed it to be a high-class favela. He rejected a career as an architect in favour of cartooning and caricature. In the 1970s, Paulo appeared alongside Jaguar and Ivan Lessa in O Pasquim. In the 1980s, he wrote for major journals again, including Veja, Isto É, Careta, Senhor, and, in 1988, a different Isto É, where he oversaw the magazine’s last page. His work has appeared in periodicals such as Circo, Chiclete with Banana, and Geraldo, among others.

Paulo Caruso is well-known for his political cartoons in addition to his work in music composition and the development of musical and theatrical shows. The “Muda Brazil Tancredo Jazz Band” was formed in 1985 by cartoonists Paulo, Chico, and others during the Piracicaba International Comedy Show. Eventually, Luis Fernando Verssimo, Claudio Paiva, and Mariano joined them. Aroeira, Luis Fernando Verssimo on saxophones, Chico Caruso on vocals, and him on piano make up his new band, “Conjunto Nacional,” and their song “Por Seu Governo” was just released.

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