Alex Murdaugh Will Remain In Prison For The Rest Of His Life

The disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh, whose dynastic family enjoyed considerable legal clout for many years in some areas of South Carolina’s Lowcountry, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the killings of his wife and grown son on Friday. This is yet another chapter in the downfall of the disgraced lawyer.

What Happened To Alex Murdaugh?

“It’s incredible that you came to give testimony, saying, “My wife, son, and I were out just living life.” Not trustworthy. Not credible. You can persuade yourself of it, but it’s clear that you can’t persuade anyone else “Just before passing two consecutive life sentences, Judge Clifton Newman said.

Murdaugh insisted on his innocence on Friday, just as he had done on the witness stand during the trial, but Newman pressed him on when his web of lies would come to a stop.

Friday’s Sentence For Alex Murdaugh

The defence team for Murdaugh stated that they intend to submit a notice of intent to appeal the ruling within ten days. Dick Harpootlian, the defence attorney, defended the choice to allow Murdaugh to testify, claiming that his credibility was called into doubt due to his alleged financial wrongdoings.

Typically, victim impact comments are heard during sentencing proceedings. On Friday, none were present. Instead, the judge’s comments about Murdaugh’s defence as “an attack on the integrity of the judicial system” made Newman and Murdaugh’s direct exchanges during the hearing stand out.

Alex Murdaugh
Source: BBC news

To guarantee a fair trial, according to Newman, a portrait of Murdaugh’s grandpa had to be taken down from the courthouse. The judge also mentioned Murdaugh’s lengthy history of drug abuse.

The murderer “might not have been you,” Newman warned Murdaugh. The monster you become after taking 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 opiate tablets could have been the culprit. Perhaps you change into someone else. That has been seen before.

Murdaugh was turned over to the South Carolina Department of Prisons’ care after being sentenced. escorted out of the courthouse while wearing a brown jumpsuit and handcuffs by a law enforcement officer. For the slayings of his wife and son, Alex Murdaugh was given two straight life sentences on Friday.

The Jury Reached A Decision In Under Three Hours

Jurors found Murdaugh guilty of two counts of murder in the June 2021 murders as well as two counts of possessing a weapon while committing a violent crime on Thursday after more than a month of deliberation and dozens of witnesses. In order to spare Murdaugh the execution penalty, the prosecution requested life in prison without the chance of parole.

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