Married At First Sight’s ‘hottest bride ever’ Evelyn Ellis suffers an on-camera nip slip

Evelyn Ellis, a participant in the Married at First Sight experiment who joined the group later as a “intruder,” is starting to feel more at ease with her new spouse, Rupert Bugden. Ellis, 26, says she has had trouble finding a partner despite the fact that many people on social media believe she has no trouble finding guys since she is a model.
“People have this perception of me that I really have it all together, that there’s a lot of people pursuing me and that it’s just simple for some bizarre reason,” Ellis tells Refinery29 Australia. But, there are occasions when I feel really alone at home.

Ellis, whose parents are white and Chinese Vietnamese, claims that her personal and professional life have been harmed by the stereotypes and assumptions made about her due of her background. There is this preconceived notion in Western culture of what Asian women are or should not be like. She continues, “I’ve acquired the stereotype that Asian women are inherently subservient a lot throughout my life.
It’s difficult, the reality star believes, to assume that all Asian women are and should be submissive. Comments like “you’re quite loud for an Asian” and “you’re wild for an Asian” and “you’re pretty hot for an Asian” have been directed towards her.

Ellis, a model in a fashion business that is still working on diversity and representation, has said that she has battled to conform to the ideal vision that casting agents have in their heads of what an Asian woman should look like.

Ellis claims that she was informed “She’s not Asian enough” whenever she was called for a role requiring an Asian woman. Because of her upbringing, she often feels like an outsider in both of her families’ cultures.
Because I’m too white to fit in with Asian culture. Yet, I am [too] Asian for Western standards.

MAFS' Evelyn Ellis Told 'You're Quite Hot For An Asian'
Source: Refinery29

Married At First Sight contestants Rupert Bugden and Evelyn Ellis

Ellis has not only been working on her marriage since appearing on MAFS, but she has also made it a point to defend her female co-stars when they have been mistreated by their male spouses. Ellis revealed to Sandy Jawanda that she had overheard her husband, Dan Hunjas, presenting images of his ex-girlfriends to other male cast members and speaking negatively about his TV wife through mobile phone butt dial.

Ellis claims it was a “no brainer” to tell Jawanda what she knew, despite the fact that doing so may be seen as her interfering in their relationship. It’s possible that “people hold back on TV,” she says. With a camera in my face, I try to remind myself that the same moral compass guides me as it does in the real world.

“Some individuals get it incorrect where they might pick something up in real life but will be less compelled to do it when the camera is in their face because they don’t want to be regarded as a dobber or shit-stirrer,” the author writes. Tonight at the dinner party, Ellis says she will finally call Hunjas out in front of the other actors. “[I thought]: am I going to speak up for something that’s right, or am I going to keep my mouth shut and maybe regret this in the future?” she reflects on her mindset before attending the dinner party. Tonight, we’ll get to see how Hunjas, Jawanda, and the rest of the cast respond to the events.

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