Jim Miller Suffered Serious Eye Injury

Jim Miller, a veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship who competed in the Octagon for a significant portion of his career, has been unsuccessful in his attempt to declare his bout at UFC 300 his final bout.

After a back-and-forth battle that lasted three rounds and took place last Saturday at UFC Vegas 69, Miller was defeated by Alexander Hernandez. The defeat ended a winning streak of three fights and halted a career rebound that had occurred in spite of extensive mileage in the promotion.

Miller is getting close to the conclusion of his career as a competitor, but before he hangs up the gloves for good, he would like to compete in a few more bouts inside the Octagon. He wants the bout at UFC 300 to be the last one in his professional MMA career.

Miller is still set on competing in a few more bouts inside the cage, but he has suffered a major eye injury, which may make things more difficult for him in the coming rounds.

Jim Miller Has Revealed That He Has A Traumatic Cataract, But He Will Not Have Immediate Surgery.

Miller recently gave an interview to ESPN, during which he discussed how, despite his injuries, he intends to go ahead with his life.

Miller commented that “the good thing is that my opponents have to be within arm’s reach, and I can see very well at that [distance],” referring to the fact that they had to be close enough for him to touch them. “It’s definitely the best bet, and that’s probably what I’m going to end up doing, to just sort of suck it up and have a little bit crappier eyesight until I’m done battling,” she said. “It’s probably what I’m going to wind up doing.”

Jim Miller Reveals Traumatic Cataract, Will Forego Immediate Surgery

Miller remarked, “It was never quite able to go back to where it had been.” “But yes, so with the cataract now, it’s just sort of muddied everything up,” she said. “But yeah, so with the cataract now…” “I think the way things are with [my right eye], it’s not like you can really get a corrective lens or anything like that for it.”

Miller continued by saying that the doctors have cautioned him that the cataract may become worse before it gets better, and that it is highly probable that he would need surgery after his professional baseball career is over. Back in 2018, he got an inadvertent poke in the eye from Dan Hooker, which caused him to sustain an injury to his left eye.

Miller won a victory via finish against Donald Cerrone at UFC 276, which took place the weekend before UFC Vegas 69. During his previous winning run, he was victorious over both Nikolas Motta and Erick Gonzalez.

Miller competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship for the first time at event number 89 and went on to defeat the likes of Joe Lauzon, Takanori Gomi, and Yancy Medeiros during his time in the promotion.

Miller plans to finish his career on his own terms before he hangs up the gloves, but he is concerned that his cataract will get in the way of that goal.

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