Better star Andrew Buchan’s ex-wife breaks silence over romance with co-star

Since news of Andrew Buchan’s purported new relationship with his Better co-star Leila Farzad surfaced, the actor’s ex-girlfriend has spoken out. After marrying the Broadchurch actor in 2012, Amy Nuttall allegedly suffered a devastating blow when Andrew moved out of the family home and in with Leila towards the end of 2022.

Amy, well known for her performances as Ethel Parks on Downton Abbey and Chloe Atkinson on Emmerdale, told the MailOnline exclusively: “The topic is off-limits for me at the moment. It’s with regret that I must declare I’m at a loss for words.”

The actress has been “crushed” and has been seen sobbing frequently since the divorce, according to the tabloid. According to rumours, Andrew and Leila met on the set of the BBC show Better that aired earlier this year. To witness their interaction on screen, please view the attached video. Amy and Andrew tied the knot in 2012 and now raise a son and a daughter as a married couple. But, in 2013, Leila tied the knot with James Maizels. They had an Allegra girl a year later. Leila and James’s breakup date is unknown.

Leila Farzad (@Leila_Farzad) / Twitter
Source: Twitter

Amy has not commented on the breakup beyond her response to the Mail, but she did post a cryptic quotation on Instagram last week “In terms of awe-inspiring qualities, I am not fascinated by material wealth, social standing, or official titles. I admire the respect and kindness shown to others.”

British television show Better has both Andrew and Leila in starring roles.

In the wake of the news of Andrew and Amy’s breakup, many of her admirers have commented on the post to express their condolences to the actress. One encouraging message said, “[You’ll] be ok believe me xxx.” It was then when a second voice said: “If you plant bad seeds, expect bad fruit. Don’t give up!”

One more said, “Be strong, darling,” while another said, “Hope you’re alright, Amy.” Neither Andrew nor Leila have commented on the rumours, although it has been said that they met on the set of their new programme.

Leila portrays Lou, a high-ranking police officer who is eager to crack down on local drug groups. Andrew portrays Col, who used to know Lou as her informant but has a new dynamic with her as their paths cross again.

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