Jessa Duggar Opens Up About Her Miscarriage During The Lockdown

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar Seewald have experienced a devastating loss. The former star of 19 Kids and Counting recently revealed that she miscarried in 2022 during the Christmas season.

What Happened To Jessa Duggar?

In a YouTube video posted on February 24, the 30-year-old claimed that she and Ben were informed of the bad news while waiting for a scan after Jessa reported “spotting” during her pregnancy.

Jessa remembered the ultrasound technician, saying, “I could tell there was some concern in her voice as soon as she began looking at the baby.” “The sack looks nice, she remarked. The infant doesn’t.” Jessa noted her feelings at the moment, recalling being met with shock.

Nothing could have prepared her for the impact those words would have on her at that precise instant, she said. “I was just in utter disbelief at the time. I was speechless. I just began crying right away.”

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They later went to a hospital, where she endured a dilation and curettage procedure, according to Jessa. She had reservations in the minutes before the procedure.

“Even though I was ready for everything, I just wanted to pleadingly beg for one more scan as they were wheeling me back. Just check it and make sure, sir.” “the actor from Counting On said. I was constantly worried that they might have made a mistake.

Jessa Duggar
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Jessa described memories of excruciating agony, saying that the hardest part was when they were done with the procedure.

The Most Worst Experience

The most upsetting experience, according to the patient, was realising that the life that had once been inside of her had been extinguished upon waking up following the operation. “You were never able to see your infant or exchange those farewell words.”

While they may never know why they lost their baby, Jessa, who had previously experienced a separate pregnancy loss in 2020, shared that she is currently undergoing bloodwork for “possible blood-clotting disorders” in the hopes that the findings will provide some insight.

She and Ben are also parents to Spurgeon, 7, Henry, 6, Ivy, 3, and Fern, 19 months, as well as Spurgeon’s siblings.

Jessa said she could “thank God” for providing them “this life, even if we wouldn’t be able to hold this baby in our arms” in another part of the video.

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