Jonas Brothers Drops New Album

The Jonas Brothers have finally unveiled their newest single, “Wings,” along with the music video for the song, after much build-up on social media.

According to the band, this new song gives listeners “a terrific first taste” of the “creative exploration” that will be included on their next album, which is simply titled “The Album.” According to a press release, the actress Haley Lu Richardson, who appears in “The White Lotus,” is a “self-proclaimed admirer” of the Jonas Brothers, and she is included in the music video. In the very conclusion of the music video, the lads make a surprise entrance, which takes Richardson and the other dancers by complete surprise.

The song has falsetto vocals, harmonies, several changes in speed and melody, electronic effects, and synths with an 80s-style sound. The brothers sing in the track, “You Gave Me a Reason/You’ve Got Me Believing/You’re Making Me Say/You Are the One, the Sun, the Light of Day/You Are the Wings I Need to Fly Away,” which goes as follows: “You gave me a reason/you’ve got me believing/you’re making me say.” Previously, Nick Jonas stated that the spouses of the brothers picked “Wings” as the best first single from “The Album,” which is set to be released on May 12.

Jonas Brothers New Album: Boys Confirm Music Is Coming
Source: J-14

Jon Bellion, who also makes an appearance on one of the tracks, served as an executive producer for this album.

The band has issued a statement in which they claim, “Working with Jon pushed us to explore our artistic ability in a manner that we have never done before.” This song is an excellent introduction to the creative exploration that will be featured on “The Album,” which will be released later. “We wanted to wipe the palette clean and smash every expectation and box the brothers have ever been put into out of the gate,” Bellion said regarding the new album. “We wanted to wash the palette clean and shatter every expectation and box the brothers have ever been put into.”

His further explanation was as follows: “The brothers have a God-given aptitude and talent that warrants this level of record production at this moment, and I just wanted to acknowledge how amazing they are with this song.”