Episode 8 Of Tokyo Revengers Season 2: When And Where To Be Streamed

The eighth episode of Tokyo Revengers season 2 will air on MBS on February 26, 2023 at 2.08 a.m. JST. The episode will be accessible to view in the majority of international locations on Saturday due to different time zones.


In the prior episode, Mitsuya arrived to aid Takemichi, Hakkai, and Yuzuha after saving Chifuyu and engaging Taiju. He then joined forces with Takemichi, Chifuyu, and Hakka, but Hakkai was rendered immobile as Takemichi rose to the occasion after their battle was interrupted.


As previously stated, the release time for Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 8 is set for February 26, 2023, at 2.08 AM JST. For viewers in various time zones, the release date and hour will be distinct.


The eighth episode of Tokyo Revengers season 2 will initially air on MBS in Japan before being made available for foreign streaming on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. In addition, Hulu in North America offers access to the cartoon.


What To Expect

Takemichi will likely engage Taiju Shiba in combat in Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 8 after declaring his intention to defeat the Black Dragon leader and assume control of the complete gang and its operations. Fans will have to wait to see how Hakkai responds to Takemichi’s statement because he was already too upset by the events taking place around him.


It had been some time since the Black Dragon had struck down Yuzuha, Mitsuya, and Chifuyu, so they might get back up to offer Takemichi some much-needed assistance. Fans must keep in mind that Taiju is supported by his employees as well.


A Review Of Episode 7 Of Season 2 Of Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers
Source: ABC news


Sibling Rivalry, the seventh episode of Tokyo Revengers season 2, showed Yuzuha attempting to defend herself against Taiju. However, just as she was about to faint, Mitsuya stepped in to save her. He saved Chifuyu and requested Takemichi to watch over Yuzuha while he battled the leader of the Black Dragons. Unfortunately, as Mitsuya was being struck down, Kokonoi and Inui arrived to aid Taiju.


Mitsuya then intended to engage the Black Dragon members alongside Takemichi, Chifuyu, and Hakkai, but Hakkai was rendered immobile, resulting in the knockdown of the other three.


Takemichi intervened to stop Hakkai from attacking Taiju with a dagger and then engaged Taiju in combat. Takemichi declared his desire to defeat Taiju after receiving physical abuse.

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