John Motson: Legendary BBC Sport Commentator Died At The Age Of 77

The renowned BBC football pundit John Motson passed away at the age of 77. His passing was announced by the BBC on Thursday morning. It comes after a 50-year run as one of the company’s most illustrious sportscasters.

What Happened To John Motson?

“It is with great sorrow that we inform that John Motson OBE passed away peacefully in his sleep today,” his family said in a statement.

Before retiring in 2018, Motson, who was affectionately referred to as “Motty” by his fans, presided over 10 World Cups, 10 European Championships, and 29 FA Cup games.

BAFTA presented him with the Special Award in 2018 in his tribute. He was awarded the OBE by Queen Elizabeth II in 2001 for his contributions to sports media.

Motson, who called close to 2,500 games, was renowned for his down-to-earth demeanour and enthusiasm on the air. Another one of his trademarks was the sheepskin cape.

After working as a correspondent for the Barnet Press and the Sheffield Morning Telegraph, he joined the BBC in 1968.

John Motson
Source: the Guardian

He frequently appeared on Match of the Day, the Premier League highlights programme, and he was in the commentary box for important events like the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989, when 97 Liverpool fans were crushed to death.

Person With Great Sense

His analysis of David Beckham’s World Cup goal against Argentina in 2002 at the Sapporo Dome in Japan was one of many memorable passages.

Hold the cups and glasses at home, Motson instructed during the early morning UK broadcast of the event. You may now pulverise them! England’s David Beckham got a goal!

“John Motson was the voice of a footballing generation,” said Tim Davie, director-general of the BBC, “guiding us through the twists and turns of FA Cup runs, the highs and lows of World Cups, and, of course, Saturday evenings on Match of the Day.”

“John had the right words, at the right time, for all the major moments, like all the greats behind the mic. He will be honoured for his legendary status in British sports reporting, for which he was revered by his peers, adored by his audience, and served as an example for those who came after him.


1. Who was John Motson?

A. He was BBC Sport commentator

2. What was his profession?

A. Sports commentator

3. How old was John Motson?

A. 77 years old

4. What happened to John Motson?

A. He died

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