Jerome Ponce Girlfriend: Jerome Ponce and Mika Reyes relationship

Fans of the volleyball player have been discussing Mika Reyes Boyfriend and her rumoured connection with Jerome Ponce in online forums.

A professional volleyball player for the Philippines, who goes by the nickname “Mika Reyes.” Her full name is Mika Aereen Marcalias Reyes.

Lovely As a Middle Hitter/Blocker in the PVL Premier Volleyball League, Mika gained notoriety. The league is a major Filipino volleyball tournament.

Mika Reyes is someone you should learn about if the league is of interest to you.

On January 11, 2017, the stunning female player inked a two-year deal with the Petron Blaze Spikers.

To add insult to injury, she was a PSL pick. For the 2016 season, they participated in the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship.

In 2017, Reyes and the Petron Blaze Spikers took home silver in the PSL Invitational Cup.

She also led the Philippine women’s volleyball team to the 2017 Asian Championships after being named team captain that year.

Jerome Ponce, Mika Reyes’ Boyfriend

Mika Reyes, a stunning Filipino volleyball star, dated Jerome Ponce in the past.

Jerome Ponce, the Filipino volleyball player Mika Reyes’ boyfriend. (Abs-CBN News is our source)
In 2017, the attractive volleyball player started dating her then-boyfriend, Jerome Ponce. Ponce, Reyes’ ex, is a famous actor working for ABS-CBN.

During the Sunday episode of Kapamilya’s ASAP, the two finally connected.

While Jerome has talent, he is not yet a household name in the acting world. As he only works on low-profile projects, it’s hard to keep tabs on his career history.

After dating for at least four years, the pair broke up due to infidelity and miscommunication.

The young actor has apparently not dated anyone since breaking up with Reyes.

Maybe he’s trying to improve his work prospects and is otherwise preoccupied.

It’s fair to assume that Ponce became famous after his relationship with Reyes and has since returned to his low-key habits.

Mika, boyfriend Jerome steal spotlight at PSA awards | ABS-CBN News
Source: ABS

Timeline of Mika Reyes’s Romance and Relationships

Regrettably, fans were taken aback when they learned that the Filipino volleyball player Reyes and her ex-boyfriend Ponce had broken up.

Once upon a time, in a rather adorable love tale, there was Reyes and Ponce, who chose to split up in 2021. After dating for four years, Reyes’s relationship with Jerome ended.

In addition, there were rumours and assertions on the internet that pointed to possible infidelity.

It is said that volleyball star Reyes’ heart was broken when her previous lover Ponce cheated on her.

While Ponce and his ex-girlfriend did break up, he never came clean about cheating. Reyes’s romantic prospects might be in shambles.

Once Reyes and Ponce broke up, speculation about her romantic life spread across other social media sites.

There was speculation online that the attractive Filipino volleyball player was dating Mayor Mark Alcala. Yet the truth is still hidden.

It’s difficult to confirm Reyes’s dating life in public because she avoids rumours about who she’s seeing.

The majority of her time and energy is dedicated to her volleyball career and the several tournaments she now participates in.

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