Who Is Hafidz Roshdi Wife? Is Hafiz and Roshdi Married?

It’s becoming clear that Hafidz Roshdi, a singer and actor from Malaysia, is on the rise. Hafidz is well-known as a previous “Hero Remaja 2011/12” finalist alongside Syafiq Kyle, Fattah Amin, and Saharul Ridzwan.

Hafidz first appeared on screen in the 2012 telemovie “Anak Ikan.” Hafidz made his first appearance on television in the 2014 season of “Baby Ana Milik Siapa?” as Edry.

Hafidz Roshdi has appeared in the films Makrifat Cinta (2018) and Pusaka (2019). Hafidz Roshdi has roles in the 2022 series Bisik-Bisik Gelora, Ku Punya Hati, Harith Fayyadh, Jesnita, and Melastik Ke Hatimu 2. Tabir Zulaikha,  Cinta Tiada Ganti, Kan Kukejar Cinta Kamu, Dia Bidadari Dari Syurga, Perisik Cinta Tak Diundang, Melastik Ke Hatimu, Aku Pilih Kamu, Tundukkan Playboy Itu, Baitul Rahmat, Kisah Dari Mekah, Papa Nak Menantu, and many more are just a few of the television shows in which Ha

In addition to Kembalikan Sinarnya, Jalan Balik Surau, Ayah Mentuaku, Perangkap Perkahwinan, Bawa Aku Ke Syurga, and Viral Alam Maya, Hafidz Roshdi has starred in a plethora of other telemovies.

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When did Hafidz Roshdi get married?

In his personal life, Hafidz Roshdi has tied the knot. The happy couple’s name is Nurul Shuhada Mat Shukri, and her husband is Hafidz Roshdi. Hafidz is a father to two young men, Humairah and Umar.

For his wedding in 2016, Hafiz Roshdi chose Nurul Shuhada Mat Shukri. After getting married, the couple has shared a home. It’s a wonderful and sweet connection overall. The pair loves one other and each other’s company.

Hafiz Roshdi does not talk about his family or his wife and child in public.

Recently, a third party intervened in Hafiz Roshdi and Nurul Shuhda Mat Shukri’s relationship in an attempt to displace Nurul Shuhda.

Dr. Nurul Shuhada Mat Shukri said on her Instagram story that the pressure from other women on her family because of her husband Hafiz Roshdi’s involvement with another woman has had an emotional toll on their children, Nurul and her siblings.

The relationship between Hafiz and Roshdi

The Incomparable Nurul Shuhda According to Mat Shukri, Nurul’s and his children’s joy has been taken from them since a lady had an affair with Hafiz Roshdi. Please accept my gratitude for being the woman who allows me to hurt helpless children.

Since I want to earn the right to be loved and joyful for our pain, I am grateful that you are prepared to break my marriage and watch other women suffer.

Ibnu ‘Rusul The Mat Shukri He went on to say, “Find out who the great one is. When it comes to their appearance, women have no sense of shame.

If I had chosen to leave you, word would have spread like wildfire, but instead I waited for Allah (SWT) to reveal his will.

I am not the only one hurt, but Humaira and Umar are the worst.

Where is Hafidz Roshdi from?

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia is home to Hafidz Roshdi. On November 13, 1994, Hafidz Roshdi entered the world. Hafidz Roshdi is 28 years old at this time. Muhammad Hafidz bin Roshdi is the correct title for Hafidz Roshdi.

Two brothers and a sister make up Hafidz Roshdi’s sibling group. Hafidz Roshdi stands 5 feet, 8 inches tall. Malaysia is Hafidz Roshdi’s home country.

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