Season 2 Of Carnival Row Is Collapsing Under The Weight Of Its Fantastical Setting

Carnival Row, a grim fantasy series on Prime Video, had a sense of being a small piece of a much larger world in its first season. A fae in a refugee village wore Eastern European-inspired clothing, making them stand out more than your typical TV fantasy robes. Not every decision had a clear-cut logic to it, but there was always more going on beneath the surface.

Casts Of Carnival Row

It seems like the world isn’t being tempered at all in its second, and importantly, last, season. And in the first two episodes, not much is sustained. However, Philo (Orlando Bloom) and Vignette (Cara Delevingne) are back together and rebelling against the Carnival Row ghetto in different ways.

In an effort to maintain his position of authority and achieve his political goals, Jonah Breakspear (Arty Froushan), the interim chancellor of the Burgue, collaborates with Sophie Longerbane (Caroline Ford). While still evading her brother, Imogen (Tamzin Merchant) and Agreus (David Gyasi) come into contact with something even more perilous: The Pact, a dreadful coalition of nations at war with the Republic.

The first two episodes of season 2 feel a little bloated and aimless as they attempt to create a brave new universe for Carnival Row without the support of a mystery.

What Will Season 2 Bring?

Carnival Row
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Tensions are rising and everyone is yearning for a fight after the annexation of the fae and faun creatures to the Row in the season 1 finale.

While the new batch of episodes is paced like it’s being created as the tale goes along, Season 1 was constructed on a solid foundation.

The seams of Carnival Row feel obvious in the absence of a procedural’s structure. The mixture of them definitely muddled Philo’s tale towards the conclusion of season 1, as his trajectory always had one foot in a passing narrative and the other in a “Chosen One” trope.

With a grimdark world on top of that and no investigations to motivate him in episodes 1 and 2, he falls back on being a fantasy revolutionary in the early episodes of season 2. The details that set his story apart from the rest of the fantasy fare are polished away as he searches for a bigger goal.


1. When is Carnival Row season 2 ?

A. Not known

2. Carnival Row season 1 have how much episodes?

A. 8

3. How many episodes will Carnival Row season 2 have ?

A. Not yet disclosed

4.Will Carnival Row season 2 have same cast?

A. Yes

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