Bicycle Shop Owner And Enthusiast Michael Shipp Died While Engaging In His Favourite Activity

The 53-year-old businessman and bicycle advocate Michael Shipp, who passed away on his bicycle in South Carolina on Wednesday, is mourned by the Norfolk community.

How Did Michael Shipp Died?

Shipp, the owner of East Coast Bicycles on Colley Avenue in Ghent, had stopped in South Carolina for a ride before continuing on his way to Florida.

According to Liz Schleeper, president of Bike Norfolk, “He’s the thread in the cycling community. There aren’t very many individuals who can’t claim that they either hadn’t ridden with Mike, bought a bike from Mike, learned something, or been on one of his teams.”

While still a student at Granby High School, Shipp began by doing maintenance work at the previous Colley Avenue Cycle shop. In 1998, he founded East Coast Bicycles in the nearby neighbourhood.

Steve Gregerson, the service manager, has been there for about 17 years. He told WAVY, “We’re sort of like a family, really, and it’s just a great loss deep sigh it absolutely is.

His Apple Watch Sent Notification

Shipp’s wife called his coworkers at two on Thursday afternoon. Store Manager Kyle Lippiatt said, “When he went down, his Apple watch sent out a notification to Iesha that something had happened.”

Michael Shipp
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WAVY was informed by Lippiatt that a group of local bikers will be riding to Florida this weekend. Shipp and his new camper headed to bed early. He simply stopped.

Authorities in South Carolina claim that a Chevy S10 struck Shipp’s bicycle on US-521 close to Manning. Shipp was declared dead on the spot. The Chevy’s driver was injured, so he was taken to the hospital. Troopers are looking into it.

He Was A Safe Rider

By all accounts, Shipp was a very safe rider. Schleeper declared that “no matter the situation, we are a highly susceptible group of people on the roadways.” Shipp raced both on and off-road, and he also led informal group rides for the local community out of his shop.

Shipp’s little size made him swift and nimble, Lippiatt claimed, adding that he was “going to hate me for saying this but he was a far better off road racer than he was on the road way better.”

What made him an advocate for riding in Norfolk was his personality. Gregerson remarked, “I just don’t know how its going to continue forward. We are informed that Shipp leaves behind a wife and two children who are in their early 20s.

People are stopping by the store to exchange stories and flowers. As a sort of monument, Lippiatt put Shipp’s old bicycle over the cash register. “At least it happened doing what he loves doing,” said Lippiatt.


1. Who was Michael Shipp?

A. He was a bicycle sho owner

2. What was his profession?

A. Bicycle rider

3. What was Michael Shipp Nationality?

A. American

4. How old was Michael Shipp?

A. 53 years old

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