Jerry Jarrett: The Legendary Promoter Jerry Jarrett Died At 80

Jerry Jarrett was a professional wrestler as well as a referee. After a protracted struggle with cancer, he passed away on February 14th, 2023.

Who Was Jerry Jarrett?

At the age of 14, Jerry Jarrett began promoting professional wrestling matches in addition to his numerous other endeavours. He began renting a structure and constructing wrestling ring.

Before every game, he also had refreshments ready. Jerry worked as a buying representative for the Murray Ohio Manufacturing Corporation before to beginning his professional wrestling career.

Jerry received instruction from Sailor Moran, a seasoned wrestler, and his friend Tojo Yamamoto. Jerry’s first match as a wrestler took place in Hyatt, Missouri, in 1965. Jerry spent a couple years in NWA Mid-America following his debut.

His Career

Jarrett established the Continental Wrestling Association in 1977. In July 1980, Jerry and Tojo Yamamoto won the first CWA World Tag Team Championship.

They were defeated by Dutch Mantell and Austin Idol the following month. Jerry briefly competed in professional wrestling in 1985 while wearing the Hawaiian Flash mask.

He officially retired in 1988, although he later made a comeback to wrestle for the United States Wrestling Association in the 1990s.

Jerry and his mother launched a professional wrestling show for Gulas in the Memphis region in the beginning of the 1970s. He spent a few years working as a promoter.

Jerry Jarrett
Source: BBC news

Early in the new millennium, he stopped advertising. Following that, he began serving as a consultant for World Championship Wrestling.

Jerry Jarrett’s cause of death: Former wrestler Dutch Mantell posted the sad news of Jerry Jarrett’s passing on social media. Although the reason of death was not stated in the post, everyone was aware that Jerry Jarrett had esophageal cancer.

Many believe he passed away following a protracted struggle with cancer. When Jerry passed away, he was 80 years old.

Achievements Of Jerry Jarrett

Along with Yojo Yamamoto, Jerry Jarrett won the CWA World Tag Title. The NWA Hall of Fame recognised him.

While he was affiliated with NWA Mid-America, he won numerous Tag Team Titles. Ten times, he took home the NWA Southern Tag Team Title.

In addition, he received two more Hall of Fame honours from the Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame. Every wrestler that came after Jerry looked to him as an example. His loved ones will constantly remember him in their prayers.


1. Who was Jerry Jarrett?

A. He was a wrestler refree

2. What was his profession?

A. Wrestler promotor

3. How old was Jerry Jarrett?

A. 80 years old

4. What happened to Jerry Jarrett?

A. He died due to cancer

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