Who is Miles Teller’s wife Keleigh Sperry?

He starred in the Best Picture nominee Top Gun: Maverick and in the music video for Taylor Swift’s “I Bet You Think About Me,” making him one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. Who is Keleigh Sperry, Miles Teller’s wife and co-star in a Bud Light commercial? Teller is known for keeping a low profile when it comes to his personal life.

The pair first connected at a Grammys afterparty in 2013, when they both knew a member of the band The Black Keys. They both raved over one other in a September 2019 Vogue interview, where they discussed their first encounter. In the wee hours of the night, Keleigh drew my attention, and we ended up chatting. Though I didn’t think it went very well at first, I eventually succeeded in getting her to dance with me, and a week later we went on a date. He remarked, “I knew after meeting her that she was the one.”

According to her recollection, “He was very lovely and captivating. From the first time I laid eyes on him, I was completely in love with him. It’s hard to imagine how adorable they could be much cuter. Take a look at this article to learn more about Keleigh Sperry, Miles Teller’s wife.

Who is Miles Teller’s wife Keleigh Sperry?

Keleigh Sperry, Miles Teller’s wife, is a model and actor; if you’re wondering how to pronounce her name, it’s pronounced like “Kelly,” and she is one of six siblings. Teller and Sperry are colleagues at his firm, Lime Tree Productions, which Teller co-founded. Her other notable music video appearance was alongside her boyfriend in Taylor Swift’s “I Bet You Think About Me” video.

They first connected in 2013 at an after-party for the Grammy Awards. After four years of dating, he proposed during a holiday to South Africa. While Miles and I were enjoying our customary coffee break, I noticed a rose growing on a tree. When I saw a rose growing in the heart of Africa’s winter, I naturally went to investigate. When I did, I discovered a letter attached to the rose that revealed the day we first began dating. Then I turned around and saw him reading it, at which point he went down on one knee and said, “That was the first day you became my girlfriend, and today is the last.”

Sperry gushed to Vogue about how “sweet” the gift was. I knew Keleigh would assume I was going to Africa to surprise her with the ring,” Miles said. The Seychelles were the first stop on our journey. She probably believed I’d propose on a beach, so I waited to surprise her on safari.

Top Gun' Star Miles Teller's Wife Says They May 'Duet' With Fans' Videos
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Since Sperry’s family vacations in Maui every summer, it was an easy decision to have their wedding there. “Miles began coming along on trips, and we quickly became inseparable,” she explained. We wanted it to be a permanent fixture in our lives since it was where we had the most fun together.

During Super Bowl LVII on February 12, 2023, Teller and Sperry starred in a commercial for Bud Light. It was a glimpse into their natural chemistry and family life. Teller told The Hollywood Reporter, “They felt it was incredibly crucial for them to convey a true relationship, and Keleigh and I are really happily married.” While Keleigh and I generally prefer to keep to ourselves, this is an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

There just wasn’t any room for debate. Teller elaborated the AP on the directive, “They said, ‘Look, we really want want this to seem like a slice-of-life moment,'” in which the couple’s French bulldog, Bugsy, also made an appearance. The two of us agreed that this was the kind of thing we’d be pleased to share with our offspring.

Throughout history, hold music has received a largely negative reputation. But if you’re Teller and Sperry, Cisco’s ‘hold’ music from the ’90s, “Opus No. 1” by Tim Carlton and Dereck Deel, is a danceable track. In the commercial, Sperry is shown on hold while lounging on a couch with her iPhone resting on her forehead through speakerphone. He begins grooving to the tune, and she soon joins in as they share a couple of Bud Lights. In addition, their adorable French Bulldog, Bugsy, makes an appearance.

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