Fans react to former Steeler JuJu Smith-Schuster’s Bowl dribble, which goes viral

JuJu Smith-Schuster has always had a unique style, so we knew he’d put on a show when he showed up at Phoenix’s State Farm Stadium. The former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver wanted to get people’s attention on the biggest day of the NFL season. And he did.

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, wore a three-piece suit and flashy sunglasses as he walked down the hallway to the locker room. Smith-Schuster walked in wearing a pale green kilt, black combat boots, a beret, and a white button-down shirt with a collar that looked like it was made for the military.

Those who have been following Smith-career Schuster’s know this is not a surprise. The NFL and social media star has always had a unique sense of style that has turned a lot of heads over the years.

JuJu Smith-Schuster Clowned for TikTok Dance Amid Steelers Blowout ...
Source: Complex

When NFL fans saw the video of Smith-entrance Schuster’s on social media, they reacted right away. Fans asked where the bagpipes were and if he was Scottish, even though he is from Southern California and has Samoan roots.

Some people couldn’t get over the fact that an NFL player wore a “skirt” to the Super Bowl.

Fans talk about JuJu Smith-outfit Schuster’s before the Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans were not surprised that JuJu Smith-Schuster wore a kilt before the Super Bowl. Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, on the other hand, are still learning about the 26-year-old.

One of Smith-fans Schuster’s said that his kilt looked like the skirts that Girl Scouts wear.

Juju’s Super Bowl booth picture shows him selling thin mints.

— Mookie in the Morning, February 12, 2023 (@Mookie94Rock)

Another fan said on Twitter that he looked more like Scrooge McDuck.

He dressed like Scrooge McDuck

— JP Acosta (@acosta32 jp) February 12, 2023

If the Kansas City Chiefs lose, JuJu Smith-clothes Schuster’s are to blame.

Eagles by fifty

— Faux Joey Brrr (@FauxJeaux) February 12, 2023

Brian Cotter had a similar thought when he chose to play for the Eagles instead of the Chiefs because of how he was dressed.

Go Eagles, if only for this:

— Brian Cotter (@btcotter) Feb. 12, 2023

One Chiefs fan defended his team’s wide receiver in a different way. He tweeted, “Don’t want to hear any JuJu/kilt slander. Since Andre 3000 and Sean Connery wore them, they are now cool. Let our guy pull up confident.”

Don’t want to hear any bad talk about JuJu or the kilt. Since Andre 3000 and Sean Connery wore them, they are now cool. Let our guy pull up confident..

— Adam Best (@Arrowhead Adam) Feb. 12, 2023

One fan tweeted, “As a man with Scottish roots on both sides of his family, I fully support JuJu’s kilt.”

Pro Football Focus sent out a tweet asking people to fill in the blank: JuJu’s pregame outfit is.

“Eagles by 600,” said one fan.

A fan of the Eagles had nothing to say but this:

— BoutThemBirds (@BoutThemBirds) Feb 12, 2023

Herald said, “That’s trash, right? No one thinks that looks good.”

Fayzey saw the skirt that Smith-Schuster was wearing as a good thing. “It’s nice to see that a lot of guys are really interested in what another guy wears in the comments. “Love to see that the NFL family is breaking down the walls of toxic masculinity, which used to say that looking at a guy’s outfit was a problem,” he wrote on Twitter.

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