Who is Greg Hands’ wife Irina Hundt?

Greg Hands is the latest member of parliament to be given a new position as part of Rishi Sunak’s ongoing maiden Cabinet reshuffle. Hands will now serve as chairman of the Conservative Party. Nadhim Zahawi, the previous chair, was fired for mishandling his tax problems, and Hand’s appointment follows on the heels of this news by little over a week.

Hands has been a minister for the last eight years and a member of parliament for Chelsea and Fulham. Since its inception in 2010, the constituency of Chelsea and Fulham has had him as its Member of Parliament (MP). He was initially elected as a member of parliament in 2005, for the district of Hammersmith. This lawmaker was also a member of David Cameron’s cabinet. Hands and his family appear to live a tranquil life outside of his political profession. Fulham is where the family resides.

Although Hands is notoriously private, he has discussed the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on his family. His father had died in 2020 of coronavirus-related pneumonia, he said, confirming previous reports. Hands, who was acting trade minister at the time, remembered his father as a “bright grammar school scientist” and “motivated guy” who will be “sorely missed.”

It’s likely that people will be curious about the minister’s family and those who are helping him in his new position. The identity of Greg Hands’s wife, Irina Hundt, remains a mystery. Here is what we know about the new chairman of the Conservative Party and his personal life.

Who is Irina Hundt, Greg Hands’s wife?

His wife and the mother of his two children is Irina Hundt. She has a German father and a Russian mother.

In 2018, he discussed how the Brexit decision affected his family, which includes his German-born wife Irina Hundt. According to an interview Hands gave to the Huffington Post, he has a German wife and multilingual children, one of whom, then nine years old, “cried at the result” of the vote.

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Who is this Greg Hands?

Born in New York to British parents, Hands remained in the Big Apple until he was seven years old. After that, they moved back to England, and he finished high school in Amersham. Today, he is a citizen of both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Hands attended Cambridge in the past to study modern history. While attending Cambridge University, he became involved with the Conservative Party and eventually became its chairman.

Hands spent the next eight years working on trading floors in London and New York after finishing his college education.

A native speaker of five European tongues, Hands’ repertoire includes Czech and Slovak. Spending his “gap year” working as a pool attendant in Berlin during the last days of the Cold War reportedly sparked a lifelong fascination with the region in him.

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