Is Sydney Sweeney In A Relationship?

In case you missed it, Sydney Sweeney is experiencing a major period of her life right now. Actor picked by Tory Burch to represent designer’s eponymous brand; hired by Sony in next Marvel feature Madame Web; and made auto repair trendy with viral TikTok channel. Amidst this chaos, the Euphoria star also announced her engagement (!!) to her lover Jonathan Davino. We’ve already done the creepypasta on her ex-boyfriend since we know you’re just as fascinated with All Things SydneyTM as we are. Sending a thank-you note in the mail is accepted.

The proposition was supposedly quite personal.

A few days after being photographed in public with a ring on THAT finger while out and about with her lover in Los Angeles, Sydney and Jonathan’s engagement was confirmed by People on March 2. People’s request for response from Sydney’s representatives went unanswered for some time, but that didn’t stop the internet from going crazy before the story was even confirmed.

By the end of March, an insider told E! News, “Sydney is still on cloud nine over her recent engagement to Jonathan.” The source said, “It was a very private proposal, and she wasn’t expecting it at all. They keep their relationship very covert, yet they make a wonderful couple. One of Sydney’s friends said that she isn’t in any hurry to get married since she wants a “long engagement” and is “very focused on work.” Good news: “Jonathan has been incredibly supportive throughout the years,” as the insider put it.

Euphoria: Who is Sydney Sweeney's boyfriend? Jonathan Davino bio
Source: Cosmopolitan

He’s 13 years older than her

Sydney is 24, and we know that Jonathan is 37. If I’m doing the arithmetic right, that makes him thirteen years older than she is, and I’m not down with that.

To put it simply, he’s an entrepreneur.

Crain’s Chicago Business reported in 2013 that Jonathan was the proprietor of the defunct Chicago pizzeria Mista Pizza and the Italian eatery Pompei Xpress. He is a descendant of the legendary Chicago pizzeria Pompei, which first opened in 1909. Now an entrepreneur in the food business, Jonathan comes from a family that also owns the vaporizer design and packaging firms 14th Round and Final Bell. I guess we may call that adaptability.

Currently, he is a resident of Chicago.

It sounds right. Not only has Jonathan’s family had ties to Chicago for over a century, but if you poke about online for more than half a second, you’ll find out for yourself that he really resides in the Windy City. As a bonus, this is where you’ll find all of his eateries.

But in an interview with Elite Daily in December 2019, Sydney also very subtly revealed her boyfriend’s country of origin. She named Chicago one of the two cities she could picture herself settling in when asked which Hollywood neighbourhoods she would prefer (the other being the Amalfi Coast, which, okay, same).

In the interview, she stated, “I have a place [in Chicago].” My “getaway location,” as the saying goes. When Sydney said “place,” she meant an entire home. Yep! Sydney then responded cheekily, “A buddy,” when asked who she knows in Chicago. Oop!

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