Oshwin Andries: Stellenbosh Defender Died After Being Stabbed Brutally

Oshwin Andries, a defender for Stellenbosch FC named Oshwin Andries passed away on Sunday after allegedly being stabbed on Saturday. Let’s look at the young player’s incident and Oshwin Andreas’ cause of death in more detail.

What Happened To Oshwin Andries?

On Saturday, Andries, a defender for Stellenbosch, passed away. The student was only beginning his time at Stellenbosch.

According to some false accounts, the young defender was stabbed on Saturday. Although the precise events that caused his death are still unknown.

The news of his death rocked the whole South African sporting world, inspiring tributes and condolence notes from coworkers, rival clubs, and fans.

The Stellenbosch Club seeks privacy for the Oshwin family during this trying time since no more information has been supplied.

How Did Oshwin Andries Died?

At age 19, Oshwin Andreas, a young defender, passes away. His team, Stellenbosch F.C., announced his demise.

Oshwin Andries
Source: ABC news

Oshwin Andries, the captain of South Africa’s U-20 men’s soccer team, died at the age of 19, according to his club, Stellenbosch FC.

Oshwin Andries, a promising young defender, passed away unexpectedly, and Stellenbosch F.C. was shocked, the club said.

Andries was a talented young football player who graduated from the SFC Academy at the age of 18 and made his professional debut.

Both on and off the field, his presence will be sadly missed. Everyone at Stellenbosch F.C. is thinking of and praying for his family, friends, and loved ones. The statement concluded, promising that there would be more to come.

Who Was Oshwin Andries ?

Andries, a native of Stellenbosch, graduated from the SFC Academy and then went on to play for the first team of Stellenbosch after attending Cloetesville High School.

In December 2021, at the age of 18, he played his first South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) match against Baroka.

Oshwin Andries Cause Of Death

No cause of death has yet been released for Oshwin Andries. The teenage footballer was reportedly stabbed to death on Saturday morning, according to local media reports, even though the cause of death has not been officially determined.

His death’s circumstances remain a mystery. Also, it was unknown who actually stabbed him.


1. Who was Oshwin Andries?

A. He was a rising footballer

2. What was his profession?

A. Footballer

3. What was Oshwin Andries Nationality ?

A. South Africa

4. How old was Oshwin Andries?

A. 19 years old

5. What happened to Oshwin Andries?

A. He died after stabbed by the suspect

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