Veronika Rajek, Tom Brady’s Alleged Girlfriend, Confesses to Being Bisexual

Over the course of the previous several months, Veronika Rajek has been featured in the media for a number of different reasons. Her popularity graph has suddenly exploded into space during the past several months, despite the fact that she has been a well-known social media personality for a considerable amount of time.

Tom Brady's dating history: His girlfriends before Gisele
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The speculation among NFL fans that she has a romantic relationship with renowned quarterback Tom Brady is the driving force behind this phenomenon. All of these rumours initially began circulating when Rajek uploaded a couple images on Instagram wearing a TB12 shirt and accompanying them with a long statement that showered praise on the greatest of all time.

After that, Veronika has been consistently suggesting that she is dating Tom through the images and tales that she shares on her Instagram account. Some people continue to believe that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is interested in dating the Slovakian bombshell, despite the fact that many people believe that the Slovakian bombshell is merely making cunning use of the Brady rumours to attract more followers.

Veronika Rajek admits that she has been in relationships with several other women in the past.

Veronika had an appearance on the podcast titled “Pillow Talk” not too long ago, and during that time, she ended up disclosing quite a few details about both her personal and professional life. Rajek has remarked that she isn’t very interested in going back to her native country of Slovakia since the people there don’t really offer OnlyFans models the necessary level of respect.

In addition, Veronika admitted that she did, in fact, watch p*rn after being questioned if she does, at which point she ended up disclosing the fact that she is bisexual. “I am bisexual,” she declared, going on to say that even though she has dated a few different women, none of them have been simple to deal with.

“Women have a way of breaking my heart, and when they do, it hurts so much because there is so much drama. “We are the same while still being different from one another,” she remarked. In addition, when Rajek was asked if she would be open to involving a third person in the bedroom, she stated that although she isn’t opposed to the idea, the other woman would probably be intimidated by her because she is so extremely beautiful. This was her response when she was asked if she would be open to the idea of involving a third person in the bedroom.

Rajek continued, saying, “If there is someone out there who is self-assured enough, message me on Instagram—just girls.” Since Tom Brady’s season came to an end, Rajek hasn’t blogged anything about football, which may lend credence to the claims that Brady and Rajek are dating. Therefore, it is reasonable to suppose that Rajek is nothing more than a rabid Brady supporter and nothing else.

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