Ellie Bamber To Be Portrayed As Kate Moss In The Biopic Moss & Freud

Ellie Bamber, the star of the Disney+ series Willow, will play supermodel Kate Moss in an upcoming biopic, with Moss’ approval. Moss & Freud, which centers on the fashion model’s connection with British artist Lucian Freud at the time she chose to pose for him at the height of her career, will star Bamber as Moss. Moss is actively involved in the movie, which she executive produces with James Lucas, the writer-director. Previously, Lucas’ 2013 short film The Phone Call received an Oscar.

The synopsis adds, “At the height of the supermodel era, Kate Moss, now a global icon but at a turning point in her life and career, chooses to sit for celebrated painter Lucian Freud for a trying, demanding nine-month period at his studio in Holland Park. “Despite coming from what appear to be quite different worlds and frequently disagreeing with one another, as their friendship grows, the two intriguing characters realize they have a lot in common and much to learn from one another as well as about themselves. Both parties are eternally transformed as a result of the cathartic experience.

Ellie Bamber’s Personal Life

On February 2, 1997, she was born in Surrey, London, United Kingdom. She identifies as American. She currently works as a professional actress in the UK. Lucas, Bamber’s younger brother, is also an English native who was born in Surrey. Her mother Zoe is her manager, and her father David works in finance. She received a theatre scholarship while attending Hawley Place School.

Ellie Bamber
Ellie Bamber; image credits – British Vigue

Ellie Bamber’s Career

She made her film debut in The Falling. She co-starred in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies that same year with Lily James, Douglas Booth, Sam Riley, and Matt Smith as Lydia Bennet, the youngest of the Bennet sisters. She was selected as one of the 2015 Screen Daily and British Film Institute Screen Stars of Tomorrow. She acted as the character’s daughter in Tom Ford’s 2016 film Nocturnal Animals, which also starred Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. She also shot the feature film Extracurricular Activities that year. She also produced High Resolution in 2017, which was based on Tao Lin’s book Taipei. Bamber made an appearance in Shawn Mendes’ song “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” music video in 2017.

In The Nutcracker and the Four Realms in 2018, Bamber appeared opposite Keira Knightley and Morgan Freeman. Bamber also appeared in the 2018 motion picture The Seven Sorrows of Mary, in which she portrays Mary, the title character. Together with Olivia Colman and Dominic West, she portrayed Cosette in the 2019 season of the BBC One television series Les Misérables. Alongside Sophie Cookson and James Norton, she played Mandy Rice-Davies in the acclaimed BBC drama series The Trial of Christine Keeler from 2021. She also had a leading role in the critically acclaimed BBC drama series The Serpent in 2021. She appears in Willow in 2022 as Dove/Elora Danan, the Disney+ follow-up to the identical-titled movie from 1988.

Ellie Bamber’s Net Worth

Ellie’s net worth is thought to be around $1.5 million. She is well-known for her work on numerous periodicals, editorials, movies, and TV shows.

Ellie Bamber


1. What is the net worth of Ellie Bamber?

Ans. $1.5 million

2. What is the age of Ellie Bamber?

Ans. 26 years old

3. When is Ellie Bamber’s birthday?

Ans. February 2, 1997

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