Who Is Shonee Survivor Husband? Is He is Married

Shonee Bowtell (formerly Fairfax) was a contestant on Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2018), Australian Survivor: All Stars, and Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains.

About Shone Bowtell

Shonee was one half of the duo “Shonella” with Fenella McGowan. Shonee was a social powerhouse, and she was very important to many early voting decisions in Contenders. Later, they would join forces with Brian Lake and Monika Radulovic, who were from a different tribe, at the merge. They would use the fact that they were thought to be at the bottom to cause chaos among the Champions. After Brian made a crucial mistake that led to Fenella’s elimination at the final six, Shonee flipped again to help Shane Gould get rid of Monika, but her own torch was put out at the very next Tribal Council.

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Shonee came back for All Stars, and she became close with Harry Hills and Nick Iadanza there. Shonee’s tribe sent her away, but she came back with a reason to get even. Together with Harry, Shonee betrayed her old tribemates and joined Locky Gilbert’s Vakama alliance. But when the tribes merged, the new Mokuta tribe was impossible to break into, so Shonee’s alliance slowly fell apart. Sharn Coombes backed out of a last-minute plan to vote out David Genat at the final seven, which meant that Shonee’s game was over for the second time. She was voted out in a close 4-3 vote.

Who is Shonee Survivor husband?

Shonee is not your typical Survivor player. She has partied with The Rolling Stones and spent her vacations in Paris.

Shonee’s life is split between London and Noosa, where she works as an HR assistant. She is married to a famous pro-skater. Shonee wants to get out from behind her husband Ben’s success as a skater and show the world what she can do.

“My husband has done a lot of great things, so this is my chance to stand out and do something really cool for myself and for us. Even though I’m just a wife, I’m sure I can outsmart, outplay, and outlast anyone you put up against me.

“I can’t have a normal job because of my life, so this is my chance to do something amazing and really shine. People always tell me about my husband’s accomplishments, but I’d rather they talk about mine.”

Shonee says she is very stubborn, but she is also loyal and fun. She may not be used to the rough conditions that Survivor will bring, but she thinks she will be able to handle them once she gets there.

Shonee thinks that the social game will be one of her strengths “I already know that I’m good with people and that I can get what I want from them.

“I will be the best Sole Survivor because I am basically just the wife of a professional athlete. When the other contestants hear this, I think they won’t see me as a threat, and that’s when I’ll go in for the kill.”

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