Omaha Shooting: Two Police Officers Injured, Suspect Dead

On Monday evening, a shooting took place in Omaha, which resulted in the death of a suspect and the injury of two police officers. The event occurred at Dino’s Storage, located at 53rd and Center streets, and the property management phoned 911 to report it. Officer Nicholas Lanning, who has been with the Omaha Police Department (OPD) for seven years, and Officer Joshua Moore, who has served with the OPD for one year, have been named as the two policemen that were hurt in the incident.

Image source- KETV

Incident Details

Dino’s Storage was where law enforcement was called in response to a report of a burglary occurring at around 10:30 p.m., as stated by the authorities. When they arrived, they found a guy in his late 30s, who they determined to be Steven Docken breaking into a storage container on the first level containing a pistol case and ammo. The cops, with the aid of property management, went inside the storage facility and confronted Docken once they found him inside.

After then, a skirmish broke out, and bullets were fired back and forth between Docken and the cops. The cops pursued the suspect as he ran down a corridor as soon as he saw them, but they gave him repeated severe warnings to stop running before they finally caught up to him. After the law enforcement officials caught up to Docken, a struggle immediately broke out, followed by a shootout. Docken suffered many wounds and passed away at the scene of the incident, whilst both cops received injuries to their lower limbs that were not considered life-threatening.


The occurrence is still being investigated, and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Nebraska State Patrol are cooperating with the probe into the matter. The members of law enforcement who responded to the site and participated in the event have been placed on paid administrative leave and will be questioned by investigators in the coming days. Those who reacted to the scene and took part in the event have been placed on paid administrative leave. According to the information provided by Todd Schmaderer, the Chief of Police in Omaha, the death of the suspect involved in the event has been verified. Both of the policemen injured in the incident are now in stable condition.

Body Cameras and Evidence

The body cameras worn by both officers recorded the incident, which will assist in the investigation. A firearm was found nearby, and authorities believe Docken used it during the shooting.

Outcome and Aftermath

Nicholas Lanning and Joshua Moore, the two cops, were taken to the University of Nebraska Medical Center via ambulance. As of the morning of Tuesday, one of the officers was released from the hospital, while the other officer is still being treated for injuries that are not considered life-threatening.


The shooting in Omaha was a terrible occurrence that resulted in the death of a suspect and the injury of two law enforcement personnel. 

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