Benjamin Obadiah Foster Die: Dangerous Oregon Kidnapping Suspect Died At The Age Of 36

According to the Grants Pass Police Department, Benjamin Obadiah Foster, 36, is a “very dangerous suspect.” To learn more about Benjamin Obadiah Foster, including how he passed away, keep reading this article.

How Did Benjamin Obadiah Foster Died?

After a protracted standoff with police on Tuesday night, authorities said the suspect who is accused of kidnapping and torturing a woman in Oregon this month died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police surrounded a property in Grants Pass, Oregon, where Benjamin Obadiah Foster, 36, was allegedly hiding under a home, and it was later reported that he died in the hospital.

Additionally, police had been pleading with the suspect to surrender. Foster was arrested after hours

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Authorities claim that Foster was seen on Tuesday morning walking a dog in the Grants Pass region. Police said the hunt for Foster began on January 24 after they found a woman who had been tied and severely beaten inside a Grants Pass home. Foster had already left the crime scene before police arrived, according to them.

The person, who was in critical condition, remained hospitalised on Sunday, according to Grants Pass Police Chief Warren Hensman. Federal, state, and local authorities had been searching “round-the-clock” for Foster, who is wanted on suspicion of attempted murder, kidnapping, and assault, according to the police chief.

Benjamin Obadiah Foster,
Source: ABC news

Horrific Murder

“I’ve seen a lot in my job, but some things do remain with you,” said Hensman on Monday. “This will stay stained in my mind for many years to come.” Foster had a “prior relationship” with his victim. Without providing any further details, he merely stated, “This was not a random attack.”

A “significant amount” of material is currently being sorted through by detectives, according to the police chief, as they follow up on the flood of tips that the agency has so far received.

Who Was Benjamin Obadiah Foster?

When he was taken into custody in the Las Vegas case, MMA fighter Foster was already serving a suspended jail sentence for a weapons conviction. Foster was also detained in 2018 on suspicion of domestic violence.


1. Who was Benjamin Obadiah Foster?

A. He was a MMA Fighter

2. hat was his profession?

A. MMA Fighter

3. What was Benjamin Obadiah Foster Nationality ?


4. How old was Benjamin Obadiah Foster?

A. 36 years old

5. What happened to Benjamin Obadiah Foster?

A. He died by self inflicted gunshot

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