Who does Dolly Parton marry? How the singer and Carl Dean have been together for 56 years

Dolly Parton is a household name in country music, but her husband of 56 years has a far lower profile. Dolly likes the spotlight; she and goddaughter Miley Cyrus co-hosted Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party this year. But while Carl Dean enjoys the peace and quiet, he is married to Dolly.

Married since 1966, long before Dolly’s music career got off, what can we tell you about the guy who gave us such classics as “Jolene” and “Forever Love”? Read on to find out…

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean, how old are they?

Dolly Parton, 76, was born in Tennessee on January 19, 1946. Her spouse Carl Dean is three years her senior and will turn 80 in July 2022.

What  brought Dolly Parton and Carl Dean together?

On the first day of Dolly’s 1964 arrival to Nashville, the singer and her future husband Carl met in front of a local laundry. Dolly was just 18, whereas Carl was almost a full year into his twenties. They tied the knot in Ringgold, Georgia, in 1966, two years before Dolly recorded her debut album, with just her mother as a witness.

Dolly rose to the top of the country music charts in the years that followed, while Carl focused on growing his asphalt company in relative obscurity. Not that he’d be sitting in the front row to see his wife play, either; he’d only seen Dolly in concert a handful of times over the years.

Dolly informed Ellen DeGeneres, “No, he doesn’t like to do that,” in the course of an interview. “When he watches my shows, he becomes nervous. It’s like attending a performance of your child. His worry is that I’ll make a hash of things. His anxiety subsided a bit when he saw me the first time or second time. To him, it was clear that I make mistakes and that it’s OK since no one cares if I get in trouble.”

Dolly Parton's husband seen out for first time in 40 YEARS | Daily Mail Online
Source: Daily Mail

Exactly how long has Dolly Parton been with Carl Dean?

Dolly and Carl tied the knot on May 30, 1966, making 2022 their 56th wedding anniversary. In 2016, the couple tied the knot once more to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Repeatedly remarrying is in the cards for us! In anticipation of their vow renewal, Dolly gushed to People. To paraphrase, “we’ve got a suit for him, and I’ll be wearing a gorgeous wedding dress because I didn’t wear a large long wedding dress when we got married,” and “we’re going to dress up and take a bunch of photographs.”

Are there any offspring of Dolly Parton and Carl Dean?

Dolly and her late husband Carl never had any children of their own, but Dolly is the godmother of music diva Miley Cyrus.

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