What are the rumours about Tim Burton and does Eva Green have a boyfriend?

In the new BBC show The Luminaries, it’s Eva Green who steals the show. The 39-year-old French actress has been wowing fans as the scheming fortune-teller Lydia Wells.

Does Eva Green have a boyfriend?

Eva Green is not married and is likely single right now. The actress from Casino Royale is very secretive about her personal life. Eva has talked about her ideal man, even though she hasn’t said who or if she’s dating. She has a huge crush on the actor Jack Nicholson, it turns out. “I love Jack Nicholson,” she told W. I couldn’t stop thinking about The Shining. “I wanted to be an actress because of him. That was Jack Nicholson in The Shining. I love it when Jack Nicholson goes crazy.”

What are the stories about Tim Burton?

Eva Green and Tim Burton have been rumoured to be dating for a few years. After he gave her the lead role in his 2016 movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, they became close. In an interview with W magazine, she said that she has always “admired” the famous director, but for his work.

Eva said, “It’s been my dream, my absolute dream, to work with him for as long as I can remember.”

On Miss Peregrine, he called me and said, “I have this project. You might like it, you might not like it, but I could play a mop for Tim Burton.”

“I’d play any instrument!” But neither has said that they are dating. She told Town & Country, though, that she was “obsessed” with his ex-wife Helena Bonham Carter. Both of them worked on the 2012 film Dark Shadows by Tim Burton.

Is Eva Green a twin?

Joy is Eva’s twin sister, but they are not the same person. “As we got older, we got closer. When we were kids, we were too different,” she told the magazine. “Now we really get along. We are still very different, but we kind of complete each other.”

Both of the sisters’ hair is naturally blonde, but Eva started dying it black when she was in school as a way to rebel. “I was at the hairdresser for five hours,” she said. “It makes me feel more like myself.”

While Eva lives in London, Joy lives in Italy, near Pisa, where she and her husband, who is an Italian count, run a wine-making business. There are two kids in the family.

What other movies has Eva Green been in?

Eva had just finished making the movie A Patriot before lockdown. She and Helen Hunt and Charles Dance are all in the movie.

The blockbuster movie hasn’t been given a release date yet. Eva also played Colette Marchant in Burton’s 2019 movie Dumbo, which came out in 2019. She played Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale with Daniel Craig in 2006. But most Brits will know her from the TV show Penny Dreadful, where she plays Vanessa Ives.

Harvey Weinstein 'threatened to destroy Eva Green after she declined sex' | Metro News
Source: Metro

What does Eva Green say about The Luminaries?

Eva pretends to have an American accent when she plays Lydia. The French actress hopes that people will believe her American accent. She told the BBC, “I worked on it for about a month before we started shooting.”

“That really helps me. I like to give each character a different voice, and I think the American really helped me find Lydia’s voice.” After her agent sent her the script for the drama, Eva fell in love with the story and the main character.

She also said, “It was written very well, and I was excited to see the 1860s New Zealand gold rush on screen because I don’t think we’ve seen it before.”

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