Who was Jessie Lemonier? What is the cause of his death?

Former Detroit Lions linebacker Jessie Lemonier died at the age of 25. This was revealed on Twitter by the National Football League (NFL). He appeared in seven games for the Detroit Lions during the 2021-22 season. On Tuesday, he would have turned 26. According to media sources, he and his girlfriend were expecting a kid. After hearing the news, people immediately began seeking the cause of Jessie Lemonier’s death. Some suspect that his death was caused by his vaccination status, while others believe he committed suicide. Officially, it is still unknown what caused the 25-year-old NFL star’s death.

Jessie Lemonier Cause of death

So yet, no cause of death for Jessie Lemonier has been discovered! His family, friends, and team members have not revealed the cause of his death. However, rumours on social media suggest that he may have died as a result of receiving the Covid-19 vaccination. On the other hand, Jessie Lemonier never made his immunization status public. On the basis of this tweet, some people thought that Jessie Lemonier may have committed suicide. People may only conjecture about the reason for his death unless his family, friends, or agents stand forward and offer further data.

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Even if Jessie Lemonier was completely vaccinated against COVID-19, the COVID-19 vaccination could not have caused his “collapse” because he would have had his doses several months earlier!

He cannot experience an adverse vaccination effect because they emerge within hours or days, not months. Mild side effects such as injection site discomfort, fever, muscular ache, headache, and fatigue appear minutes to hours after the immunization.

Anaphylaxis occurs within minutes, but other serious adverse effects, such as myocarditis and VITT, occur over days.

The spike proteins created by the COVID-19 vaccinations do not last for months either. If these spike proteins are permanent (as anti-vaxxers believe), we will be immune for the rest of our lives.

Your immune system will recognize the spike proteins as alien and eliminate them within a few days, but some may persist for a few weeks. This is how immunizations instruct your immune system to recognize and eliminate the adversary.

Jessie Lemonier’s career

Lemonier spent one season with the Lions in 2021. Lemonier’s improvement and growth were lauded by linebacker coach Kelvin Sheppard at the time. He attended Liberty University before entering the NFL, and the Los Angeles Chargers signed him as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2020. He appeared in six games and had two tackles for the club.

In 2022, he had possibilities with the XFL and USFL, but he also spent time with the Arizona Cardinals throughout the summer. He elected to play in the USFL. He signed with the Houston Gamblers before being traded to the Birmingham Stallions, where he was scheduled to begin playing in April.

Condolences for Jessie Lemonier’s death

The Detroit Lions issued a message on Twitter expressing their sadness at Jessie Lemonier’s passing. “We are surprised and saddened to learn of the demise of our former Detroit Lions player Jessie Lemonier,” the organization tweeted.” 

“Jessie was a perfect teammate and a beautiful young guy who left us way too soon,” the statement said. During this terrible moment, our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.”

Hugh Freeze, Lemonier’s Liberty coach, said he was “heartbroken” to learn of his passing. “Heartbroken!!!” tweeted the head coach. Jesse was one of the most dedicated athletes and teammates I’ve ever coached. “Peace be with his family.”

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