How did Andy Horner Die? Founder of Premier designs cause of death explained

98-year-old Andy Horner, a co-founder of Premier Designs Jewelry, passed away yesterday. Learn more about his passing and the precise circumstances of Andy Horner’s demise.

How did Andy Horner Die?

Andy Horner, the creator of Premier Designs, Inc., died. Sadly, Andy Horner has died. He passed away on January 21, 2023, a Saturday, with his loved ones by his side.

On Sunday, Andy Horner’s family and friends shared the sad news of his departure. What led to his passing is still a mystery. Andy Horner was an exceptional person.

He devoted his life to loving and serving the Lord and showed his love for people by consistently investing in their lives.

Andy Horner
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Founder of Premier designs cause of death explained

Andy Horner, the visionary of Chief Plans, Inc. Sadly, Andy Horner passed away. On a Saturday, January 21, 2023, he passed away in the company of his loved ones. On Sunday, Andy Horner’s passing was announced to his loved ones, who were distraught. His death’s actual cause is still unknown at this time.

There were plenty of others, including Andy Horner. He devoted his life to loving and serving the Ruler every day, demonstrating to those around him how much he cherished them by investing in their lives. People from whom he received nothing at all. Others like me exist, including my family, sister, and children.

Easily provided services found from one end of the planet to the other for a significant sum of money. Being able to call him a friend and knowing him were two different things for some.

Born in Belfast, Ireland, Andy Horner had a childhood that lacked material possessions but was abundant in moral responsibility and a strong work ethic, both of which his mother modelled for him.

His family, friends, and loved ones have our undying love, prayers, and best wishes for eternal peace. Be in peace, my friend.

Andy Horner, who was he?

People from whom he had nothing at all to gain. People who are like me include my siblings, parents, and children. Millions of dollars were quickly given to ministries all across the world.

It was an honour for me to get to know him and be able to call him a friend to a lot of people. Andy Horner, born in Belfast, Ireland, had a childhood that was bereft of worldly possessions but rich in spiritual commitment and a strong work ethic, both of which his mother instilled in him.

Andy Horner Career

Before Joan and Andy ultimately made their way to Dallas, another four years they have elapsed. Andy has held managerial positions for several firms throughout his over 50-year career, including Johnson Wax, Xerox Corporation, and Home Interiors and Gifts, among others.

At Home Interiors and Gifts, Joan Horner collaborated with Andy and set up the regional teams that made up the Home Interiors sales force. She worked with Mary Crowley, who started that business, serving as her assistant for many years.

As Premier’s Executive Vice President, Joan has been instrumental in the company’s efforts to oversee the jewellery product line’s design and the selection of particular items. She was a prolific writer and speaker who served as an example to others.

Loved ones’ tributes to Andy Horner:

Peace be with you. Premier Designs’ creator, Andy Horner. You are welcome in eternity, my beloved friend! I appreciate everything you have taught me about unselfish love and service during this lifetime. You moved me to tears, laughter, and a deepening love for people who are flawed and deserving of God’s grace. What you offered was a shot of hope!

Your impact on my life is beyond what I can fully express in words. You are a one-in-a-million Andy Horner! Andy had a strong love for and devotion to the Lord, and he showed this love by pouring himself out for others every day. He didn’t have anything to gain from these people. My parents, my sister, and my kids are examples of such people. He and his wife, Joan, worked nonstop to donate millions to ministries worldwide! Being his friend and knowing him was a privilege. I am a life that has been altered!

Yesterday, Andy entered the presence of His Lord and Savior and was reunited with his true love, Joan, and a significant number of lifetime friends! I can only picture the joyous angelic chorus as he was led to his true home! Our loss is Heaven’s gain! I adore you, Andrew Horner, and I’m so sorry I won’t see you again in this life. One day!

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