Who is Tyre Nichols? Five officers engaged in Tyre Nichols’ arrest by the Memphis police are fired.

The Memphis Police Department terminated five officers on Friday night who were involved in an arrest that appears to have killed a 29-year-old Black driver earlier this month.

According to a news release, the agency decided that the five Black officers had violated its regulations regarding the use of force, the obligation to assist, and the responsibility to intervene. Their termination occurred before the department’s anticipated release of video evidence documenting Tyre Nichols’s January 7 arrest.

The department reports that Nichols passed away on January 10—three days after the police pulled him over for dangerous driving. Nichols fled on foot but was quickly caught and taken into custody. Upon being taken into custody, he complained of being out of breath.

According to his relatives, Nichols broke his neck and had a heart attack during the altercation with the police. The family released a photo of Nichols lying on a hospital bed, his eyes swollen shut from bruising and his nose twisted.

Protests took place in Memphis over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. As Nichols was being arrested close to one of the city’s overhead police surveillance cameras, protesters asked that the arrest video be made public. The police use body cameras in Memphis.

Who is Tyre Nichols?

Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old native of Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States, was born on June 5, 1993. On January 7, Tyre was driving along when three police officers pulled him over for driving recklessly. Police officers were in an unmarked vehicle and were dressed in hoodies.

Nichols drove away because he assumed they were gang members posing as police inspectors. Later, when the Memphis Police tried to apprehend him, they coughed him with too much force, breaking his neck. Tyre was later taken to the hospital, where he passed away on January 10—three days later.

The accused police officers, Justin Smith, Emmitt Martin, Desmond Mills, Demetrius Haley, and Tadarrius Bean, were all fired by the Memphis Police Department (MPD) after swift action.

Carolyn “CJ” Davis, the chief of the Memphis Police Department, acknowledged that law enforcement officials broke several rules, including the obligation to provide aid, the commitment to intervene, and the prohibition against using excessive force, all of which contributed to the tragic death of the young father.

Tyre Nichols
Image Source: CNN

Footage from a bodycam in the Tyre Nichols case

Tyre Nichols’ passing serves as a wake-up signal for Americans that it is imperative to confront the grave issue of police brutality. In the meantime, a woman has come forward, claiming to have seen a video of the interaction that caused Tyre to pass away. The woman who wished to remain nameless admitted that the entire incident was unsettling.

The female, as mentioned above, claimed that once the chase ended, there was a fight during which the 29-year-old was left lying on the ground, terribly damaged and dead. Following Deandre’s passing, calls have been made for the city of Memphis to disclose the video of the arrest for public viewing.

Tyre Nichols’s Parents & Siblings

Tyre Deandre Nichols, now age 29, was born in Sacramento, California, on June 5, 1993. There is a limited amount of information on his family; however, we did find out that he has an older sister named Keyana Dixon. He also has a stepfather named Rodney Wells. Deandre has always loved to have fun. His close friends recall his contagious smile and sense of humour that made everyone around him smile.

Tyre was also incredibly athletic, and he loved skateboarding. According to sources, he graduated from Encinal High School and then proceeded to Memphis, Tennessee, in quest of employment. He developed personally while doing a variety of professions here.

Tyre Nichols was a son’s father.

We discovered some pictures of Nichols’ son, who was born as white as snow, while looking for information about Nichols. Sources claim that Nichols’s girlfriend Katie, whom he started dating in 2013, is the mother of that child.

Although we do not currently know if he was still dating that woman, we did find out that he had been responsible for raising that child. He had been a great father, doing everything he could to provide his son a good life.

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