Missing: Hadley and Maylea’s last location of sighting? Who Are Hadley And Maylea?

To find two toddlers who disappeared on January 18, 2023, police are asking for the public’s assistance. Hadley and Maylea are thought to be the missing kids. Hadley and Maylea reportedly disappeared on January 18, 2023, according to police records. Since their missing complaint was filed, police have been actively searching for the missing children. But despite their best efforts, the investigators have yet to discover the whereabouts of the missing kids. Here, we have included all the crucial information about this narrative.

Hadley and Maylea’s last location of sighting?

The 11- and 8-year-old siblings vanished in Ross Creek on January 18, 2023. The kids may be driving a 2013 Ford Territory in black with the licence plate 1AD7YH and are thought to be in rural Victoria or Southern New South Wales.

Because of their ages, police are worried about their welfare. 9News Sydney reported the missing child in New South Wales via social media.

Who Are Hadley And Maylea?

Let me start by providing you with crucial information regarding the missing youngsters. Hadley and Maylea are thought to be the missing kids. They hail from New South Wales’ southern Sydney region. In addition, it is said that Maylea is eight years old and Hadley is 11 years old. They both have brown hair, blue eyes, and white skin tones. They are locals of Southern Sydney, New South Wales.

Hadley and Maylea
Image Source: 7News.com

Investigation of the entire process

Hadley, 11, and Maylea, 8, last seen on January 18 in Ross Creek, are being sought by police immediately. For both parents and the police department, it is disconcerting, given the age of the children. Everyone wants the kids to be safe and in good condition when they are returned.

Because of their ages, police are worried about their welfare. The welfare of the young children was particularly important to The Children’s Families.

Anyone with information should contact

The public is being urged to help by the police. The Identification is part of the information listed above. So, everyone is invited to voice their opinions on everything about Hadley and Maylea’s disappearance.

Call Ballarat Police Station at (03) 5336 6000 if you have any information regarding their whereabouts or if you see them.

Missing Persons Register for NSW

The unexplained bodies and human remains, as well as each Missing Persons report in NSW, are managed by the Missing Persons Registry (MPR), established in July 2019. Despite having a team of investigators and analysts, the MPR typically reviews each case and aids the police in the field rather than undertaking investigations into Missing Persons.

NSW Missing Persons

In NSW, 28 people go missing on average each day. Most people are quickly located, but approximately 1% remain missing for an extended period.

According to federal law, anyone gone for more than 90 days is considered “Long Term.” In NSW, there were 9,799 complaints about missing people overall in 2020. Twelve are still unfinished out of the 18 that were made long-term.

In 2016, 173 unaccounted-for persons reached 90 days without 20 unaccounted-for persons. In 2017, 173 unaccounted-for persons went 90 days without 24 unaccounted-for persons; in 2018, 115 unaccounted-for persons came 90 days without 30 unaccounted-for persons. Twenty-nine people are still missing out of 127 missing persons that have been reported missing for 90 days in 2019.

According to the 2020 Reports

2020: There are 12 unsolved cases, bringing the total number of missing persons to 18. In 2020, 52% of the 9,799 Missing Persons were women compared to 47% of men. Approximately 63% of reports are from adults, while 36% are from children—both instances involving missing persons today and those from 1945 fall under the purview of the MPR. In total, there were 769 Long-Term Missing Persons in NSW in 2019. However, there were only 757 by the end of 2020.

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