What happened to Carly Danielle Axen?

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office needs help identifying 23-year-old Carly Danielle Axen. She last left Summerfield on December 10, 2022. Let’s examine Carly Danielle Axen’s fate.

What happened to Carly Danielle Axen?

Carly Axen, a 23-year-old Summerfield, Florida resident, is missing. Carly Axen, 23, departed for work on December 10 but never arrived.

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Carly Danielle Axen was last seen leaving her home in the 3600 block of SE 139th Street in Summerfield on that day.

Carly was supposed to be on her way to work but never arrived or returned home, according to the sheriff’s office.

According to the sheriff’s office, Axen’s ex-boyfriend, Christopher Godfrey, who is 21 years old, maybe with her. He was last seen driving Axen’s car alone after December 10.

Shanda Doremus, a Marine Corps veteran, revealed Axen’s Boyfriend’s identity on Facebook.

Details of Carly Danielle Axen

According to the MCSO, Carly has not talked to her family since December 10, and the investigating team believes she is with her ex-boyfriend Christopher Godfrey, who is 21 years old.

According to the MCSO, Christopher was not with Carly when he was last seen driving her car after December 10. Because of the unusual circumstances surrounding Carly’s absence, her safety is a concern.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office asks that you call 911 if you have any information on Carly’s whereabouts or the whereabouts of her car.

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