Miss Wales Darcey Corria was critically hospitalized in an M4 collision.

Following an M4 collision, Miss Wales Darcey Corria sustained two shattered neck bones and a broken pelvis.

Following the accident in Bridgend on Thursday night, she receives treatment at the University Hospital of Wales (UHW) in Cardiff.

Darcey, who won the championship at 21 last May, was “receiving tremendous love and support from her close family,” according to the competition’s organisers.

While the incident will immediately affect Darcey’s preparation for Miss World in May, we are optimistic and confident that she will still be able to represent Wales because of her willpower, her family’s love and support, and the extraordinary team of medical professionals at UHW.

Following a traffic collision, South Wales Police announced that a woman had been brought to the hospital with “severe injuries.”

On Thursday, starting around 18:00 GMT, it caused a lengthy closure on the M4 eastbound between Junction 35 Pencoed and Junction 36 Sarn.

Darcey is a black rights activist who has worked to shape anti-racism laws. She is from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan has a white mother and a father with Jamaican ancestry.

When she won the competition the previous year, she said it was “a tremendous platform and if I can work with the Miss Wales brand, we could truly be a force to be reckoned with in terms of addressing racism.”

Darcey Corria
Image Source: BBC

Who is Darcey Corria? 

Darcey Carria hails from the Welsh town of Barry, located in the Vale of Glamorgan. She is a 21-year-old woman. She is from a mixed Welsh and Caribbean family. Her father is of Jamaican ancestry, while her mother is Caucasian.

In May 2022, she was named Miss Wales. At Miss World, which will take place in May this year, Carria is slated to represent Wales.

Darcey has been a vocal advocate for black rights and is the first person of colour to be named Miss Wales.

According to the BBC, Darcey stated, “I recognise the significance and importance of my crowning moment.”

“I believe it is crucial for young women in Wales who identify as mixed-race, black, or Asian to feel represented in all facets of life.

“Young women, especially younger girls, will believe that there is someone they can relate to in the media, which I struggled with when I was growing up. I honestly couldn’t say to anyone, she continued.

Corria has been a part of the Together Stronger anti-racism delivery plan for criminal justice in Wales.

If she is in serious condition now?

The black rights advocate and 21-year-old beauty queen are reportedly receiving treatment for several wounds at Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales, including a broken pelvis and two broken neck bones.

They stated that she is receiving much love and support from her close family and that a full recovery is expected. Darcey, from Barry and crowned Miss Wales in May of last year, will represent Wales in Miss World this year.

A spokesman for the pageant said, “Event planners at Miss Wales, as well as her family, are hopeful and confident that she will still be able to do this because of the wonderful team of doctors at UHW and her determination.”

The M4 eastbound was closed on Thursday evening for more than three hours while emergency personnel attended to the collision (January 19).

Being the first person of colour to win Miss Wales in 2022, Darcey Corria, a local of Barry, created history. After the competition in Newport on May 8, the 21-year-old was crowned the winner.

In the 70-year history of the pageant, Darcey is the first person of colour to be crowned Miss Wales. She has participated in the Welsh criminal justice system’s Together Stronger anti-racism delivery plan and is a vocal supporter of black rights.

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