After battling cancer, Tiktok actress Megan Maryanski dies.

Megan Maryanski, a Tiktok celebrity, Instagram influencer, and cancer survivor, died after a lengthy fight with illness. Learn more about her passing and Megan Maryanski’s cancer journey.

What happened to Megan Maryanski?

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Megan Maryanski, a young woman, died after a lengthy fight with cancer. The note states, “A statement verifies her death news.”

I’m speechless! Posts say Megan died! She was polite, and I loved her body! She impacted many! Relax!

That’s pretty horrible news to wake up to this morning. Megan Maryanski, rest in peace. You have inspired and influenced many people, and you will be missed by everyone.

Who was Megan Maryanski?

Mr Justin Meinert, My name is Justin Meinert, and this is the tale of Megan Maryanski, my girlfriend. Megan was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, in January 2018. Megan cannot get Make-A-Dream since she is 19, but I want to fulfil her biggest wish. Megan is always eager to help others, and I want to do my part to repay her.

Megan’s passion for cars

Megan and I are automotive enthusiasts. It is the reason we met at the Caffeine and Octane auto exhibition in Atlanta. She has always had a strong interest in cars but has never had the opportunity to possess one that she could work on, customize, and call her own. Megan’s speciality is American pony cars, and the only difference between her and other people is that she requires hand controls. What appeared to be a knee injury turned out to be an aggressive 7cmx7cm tumour developing in her knee.

Six rounds of brutal chemotherapy, more than a year of treatment, and a failed surgery that removed her femur, knee, and tibia to replace with metal; not only did the pathology show that Megan’s cancer did not respond to chemotherapy, but her right leg must now be amputated above the knee on July 13th. This is because the hardware in her leg became contaminated with a drug-resistant infection just two days after her limb salvage operation. As a result, amputation is the only choice, with the best chance of preserving her life.

Her right leg was amputated, so she can’t drive. Giving her this would be a dream. I appreciate your love and support. Justin Meinert.

Megan’s mother’s prayers for her surgery

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Please give words of encouragement to my daughter Megan Maryanski’s friends. As you are aware, she is a strong young woman battling Osteosarcoma. She has had chemotherapy and surgery and is now facing amputation of her right leg.

She and her medical team have agreed that this is her greatest chance of overcoming a post-surgical infection, moving on to the next round of treatment as soon as possible, and ultimately beating this terrible illness. We all agree with her, but as you can guess, the decision is difficult.

Surgery is on Friday, and I believe it would be beneficial for her to hear many positive comments from you all. More importantly, she needs to know you’re praying for her since we all know God is the ultimate healer. Post here or on her Facebook page. Send her a text message. Please provide any information that I may have overlooked.

She requires the support and encouragement that you can provide her. (Her carers, including me, Jean Maryanski, Jordan Maryanski, Ashley Maryanski, and Justin Meinert, are likely to require it as well). God will cure her, see her through this, and restore her to a healthy and active lifestyle. Thank you very much!

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