Larry Morris died: What was Larry Morris cause of death?

On January 17, 2023, the renowned New Zealander singer and songwriter Larry Morris died. His best-known songs from the 1960s and 1970s included “Believe in Me” and “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down.” He was the band Larry’s Rebels’ former lead singer.

How did Larry Morris die?

The NZ Music Hall of Fame member Larry Morris passed away late on Tuesday night, leaving behind a more than 50-year musical legacy.

Until recently, Morris, a legend of the New Zealand music scene, kept playing at local Auckland pubs.

Larry Morris cause of death

We regret having to let you know that Larry Morris has died away.

It was thought that Larry Morris had a pleasant disposition. Given the current news, I imagine many people are interested to learn the cause of the death of Larry Morris.

Larry Morris
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Who was Larry Morris?

New Zealanders revered Larry Morris as a musical legend.

Larry’s Rebels, a garage rock group from Ponsonby, was established in 1964.

A number of the band’s hits in New Zealand and Australia reached the top of the national charts, and the group’s lineup was reasonably stable. They performed a spectrum of songs, from psychedelic pop to blues rock, and its lead singer Larry Morris had a powerful voice. American and British Invasion musical genres were gradually included in the band’s repertoire.

Larry Morris had a few different jobs while still a high school student before deciding to follow his genuine passion and become the lead singer for the 1960s band Larry’s Rebels. With classics like “Painter Man,” “I Feel Good,” and “Let’s Think of Something,” the group ruled the second half of the swinging ’60s. The headlines “Screaming Fans Mob, Injure Town Hall Singer” were regularly used to describe them on newspaper front pages. Following an extended period of silence from retail stores, EMI has released a Larry’s Rebels Greatest Hits record.

As a Solo Artist

Early in 1969, Morris launched a solo career after growing frustrated with management. Morris’s final recording was a cover of Paul Revere and the Raiders’ “Mo’reen,” released in February 1969 and reached its highest point on the charts at number four. The group’s name was changed to The Rebels, and R&B vocalist Glyn Mason took his place. The band, led by Mason, surprisingly achieved a number-one success with “My Son John” in March 1969, just as it seemed the group was going to break up. Although the band officially moved to Australia later in the month, they could not duplicate their success. The trio broke up after their second album, Madrigal, was poorly received and a single, released in January 1970, failed to chart.

Morris claimed to be the happiest he had ever been in a Stuff interview before turning 70 in 2017.

Prior to Morris’ departure from Larry’s Rebels in 1969, the band scored seven Top 20 singles and shared the stage with illustrious international acts.

A Larry’s Rebels concert drew 18,000 people to Western Springs in Auckland.

The fact that Larry’s Rebels “had that chemistry in spades” and that his decision to leave the band to pursue a solo career was a disastrous career move was his biggest regret. When Radio Hauraki was still a pirate radio station operating from the ship Tiri offshore, he credited a deal he made with the station’s founder David Gates for the station’s first number-one success.

Gates told Morris they had to feed the crew of the Tiri, and he asked if Larry’s Rebels could play at Albert Park for free in exchange for a can of food. Gates promised Morris that once Radio Hauraki became an actual station, Larry’s Rebels would score their first regional number-one song from that radio station. Along with the music, which attracted about 2500 people, truckloads of food were also delivered, according to Morris.

1967 Live

Like other artists, Larry’s Rebels has performed on tour with The Animals, The Yardbirds, Tom Jones, Dave Dee, and The Walker Brothers. Morris claimed that travelling with international acts necessitated getting along with everyone.

Morris thought the band’s April 1967 tour with The Easybeats was terrific. Morris complimented Larry’s Rebels as a superb live band that regularly delivered. He left the band, although he kept working in the music industry.

Tributes to Larry Morris

Numerous people offered their deepest condolences to his family and how much they loved him. His admirers and fans are shocked by the news of this incident.

“I just learned of the terrible news regarding Larry Morris; Renee yesterday, Larry today. He was simply awful. With the Rebels, he made several excellent records in the 1960s and produced some excellent solo work. Everyone in New Zealand’s music community will miss him since he was such a nice guy. R.I.P., my pal.

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