Kristin Chenoweth Claims Her Hair Extensions Saved Her Life in a Good Wife set

Kristin Chenoweth has talked about the “long-term injuries” she got while filming “The Good Wife” in 2012.

What happened to Kristin Chenoweth?

During her visit to “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” on Monday, Chenoweth shared her thoughts on the topic with the host. According to Variety, the actress made an appearance on the program in order to promote her new book, titled “I’m No Philosopher, But I Got Thought,” in which she examines the episode of “The Good Wife” and the immediate aftermath of it.

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By relying on her experience of being so close to death, Kristen Chenoweth hopes to be able to help other people.

When Chenoweth was working on the set of the CBS drama 

What was the incident?

“The Good Wife” in 2012, she was struck by a piece of lighting equipment, which caused her to sustain serious injuries, including a fractured rib, a skull fracture, a broken nose and teeth, as well as damage to her nerves, tissues, and muscles. As a direct result of the accident, she decided to step down from her recurrent part in the show.

Chenoweth had offered some hospital updates at the time of the accident, but in her new book, “I’m No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts,” she delves into deeper information about her recuperation. On the 17th of January, Chenoweth explained to Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb on TODAY that writing about the tragedy made her feel liberated.

“Anything was terrifying at first but liberating since I hadn’t written it down. When you write anything, it becomes true. “It solidifies it,” she added.

Was she admitted to the hospital?

In her memoir, the Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress, 54, describes waking up in the hospital and how her hair extensions saved her life.

After being in an accident that might have been far more serious, Kristin Chenoweth is giving her hair extensions a lot of credit for saving her life. During her time on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the actress talked about a terrible series of events that happened on the set of The Good Wife, and she got hurt badly. She and other people were hurt.

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Chenoweth, reporter Peggy Byrne, appeared in a recurring role in the CBS drama, which aired in 2009. Though a small part, she was nevertheless widely liked by fans who were disappointed when she disclosed in 2012, through People, 

Kristin Chenoweth talked about her injuries

Kristin Chenoweth revealed what occurred and how severe her injuries were on Watch What Happens Live this week. “I heard what sounded like a flagpole,” she recalls. “‘We’re losing the light,’ I genuinely heard. I heard the word ‘Action.’ And then I awoke in Bellevue [Hospital]. It smacked me in the face and threw me onto a curb. Seven-inch skull fracture, broken hairline, and teeth and ribs.” Andy Cohen’s stunned expression tells it all.

Chenoweth also revealed how her hair extensions saved her life after the event, telling Cohen, “My doctor responded, ‘What are these metal things?'” ‘They’re hair extensions,’ I said. ‘They saved your life,’ he added.

Until the doctor could fix the damage, the crack in her hairline was held in place by the implantation of the hair extensions. Chenoweth was heard to exclaim,

“So everybody who wants to get hair extensions should—for your health!”

Chenoweth did not file charges against CBS for the damage at the time, but she wishes she had. “I didn’t do it because I was afraid or anxious,” she said. “Never, ever let fear rule your life.”

Kristin Chenoweth’s book I’m No Philosopher. Still, I Got Thoughts details her experience dealing with the consequences of such a terrible accident and other experiences she’s now ready to tell.

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