Who are Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland?

Two people have been arrested and charged about a robbery about two weeks ago at a convenience store where a dog was shot and killed. Let’s find out more about what happened.

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What are the names of Donovan and Billy Don Copeland?

Donovan Copeland, age 18, and his brother Billy Don Copeland, age 21, were arrested on Saturday after robbery detectives found out where Donovin Copeland was. He was wanted for several serious thefts. He was supposedly in an apartment in southwest Fort Worth in the 6200 block of Vega Drive. After the area was watched, two people were seen leaving the apartment in a car.

At this point, officers came up to them and found the Copelands. They were quickly taken into custody. Authorities say that Billy Copeland was carrying a revolver that his brother had stolen during one of his crimes. After the apartment was thoroughly searched, a gun was also found.

The Fort Worth Police Department picked them both up and jailed them. Billy Copeland is charged with hiding a wanted person and letting a criminal have a gun without permission.

Where is the Investigation going?

Police say that more charges could be filed as the investigation goes on. Around 1:30 p.m. on Monday, January 2, Fort Worth police were called to Sunny’s Market at 6001 N. Main Street because of a grave robbery.

On Thursday, the FWPD released security footage that showed the suspect trying to get to the cash register while Peanut, an employee’s dog, approached him.

A shot killed the suspect while Peanut tried to protect his owner. The man is then seen on video waving a gun at the worker while the worker takes money from the register and puts it in a cash bag. The suspect also seems to have taken the employee’s car keys from pocketbooks.

Detective Brian Raynsford, who has worked in the robbery unit of the Fort Worth Police Department for 12 years, said he had never seen a criminal like this one.

Donovan Copeland was arrested three times in 2017: on September 9 in Denton County for driving without a license, carrying a weapon without a permit, and tampering with physical evidence; on October 30 in Parker County when he ran away from a deputy who found a gun and drugs in his car; and on November 17 in White Settlement for assaulting a woman at a motel.

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