Who was Anggy Diaz? Police: Husband decapitates wife

The Waller County Sheriff’s Office reported that a woman was discovered decapitated in a small house in a remote, wooded area on Wednesday. She has been named as 21-year-old Anggy Diaz. According to Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry, her husband, Jared James Dicus, has been charged with her murder. Just before 4:30 p.m., deputies were requested to the house on Oak Hollow. m. in reaction to a deceased woman. Diaz was inside the couple’s modest house when they arrived at the scene, which was located behind his parents’ house.

Guidry claimed that it appeared that Diaz was killed with a kitchen knife. He added that although there had been calls about a disturbance coming from the house in the past, “nothing to this effect or level of violence. “.

We currently live in that kind of world. It’s a horrifying scene,” Guidry remarked. It will have an impact on both sides of these families. “

Newlywed wife decapitated by husband in 'gruesome' killing: Texas sheriff
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In order to try and pay for her mother’s cancer treatment back home, Diaz’s friends told KHOU 11 that she was from Nicaragua and was working two jobs. Her coworkers characterized her as an upbeat young woman who was constantly grinning. According to the sheriff, Diaz appeared to have had her head severed and her headless body was left inside the residence.

Dicus stayed at the house until the sheriff’s team showed up. Detectives say that after being interrogated with his family, he confessed to the murder. Investigative work is still being done on this.

Her friends told KHOU 11 that Diaz was from Nicaragua and that she was trying to support her mother’s cancer treatment back home by working two jobs.

Her coworkers characterized her as an upbeat young woman who was constantly grinning

Following their meeting at her job, Diaz and Dicus had recently tied the knot in October 2022. After the wedding, her friends claimed they could sense something wasn’t right, but they never anticipated the situation to turn out this way.

Veronica Jimenez, Diaz’s boss, said, “She was very happy with her husband.”. But occasionally, she behaved differently. I wasn’t sure if she was exhausted because of her job or relationship, but she was. “.

Around 11:40 a.m., Dicus appears to be pulling up in the parking lot on surveillance footage from the store where she worked. m. her death was discovered on that day. According to the video, he entered the shop, grabbed a beer, and walked out without paying. He appears to be seen opening the beer in the parking lot, drinking it, and then driving off.

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