What happened to DeAsia Green? Missing Ohio teen found shot, killed

After being shot, a teenager from Ohio was found dead in an alley. Before John Adams High School, a teen was shot and killed. DOA outside the bus station. A memorial service is conducted for DeAsia Green, a Toledo teen who went missing before being found dead in an alley yesterday, on Tuesday night. Her mother and stepfather feel this shouldn’t have happened and are appealing for information to help them track down her killer. Learn more about DeAsia Green’s case and what transpired to her.

DeAsia Green missing case: Explained

DeAsia Green, 15, was killed, and Toledo police are looking into it. The teenager went to Start High, and her parents reported her missing on January 5. On December 31, 2022, she was last seen at her residence. According to the police, her parents picked her up on January 3 from a friend. She was not present.

Although they could text her occasionally, they could never call or meet her in person. They gave the police department a complaint on January 5. The teen had previously run away, but this time was a little different, according to the family.

When DeAsia was three years old, DeAndre Green, her father, was shot and killed as he climbed into his car on Phillips Avenue in north Toledo. In an interview with WTOL 11 following DeAndre Green’s passing in October 2010, the family begged the public for any information.

“Someone is aware of something. Leo Tate Jr., DeAndre’s grandfather, said to WTOL 11 during the family interview, “Please bring it forward if you have any information that might help us, the family, or the media.

DeAsia Green
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What happened to DeAsia Green?

According to Ohio authorities, a 15-year-old girl who went missing was shot and died. Her passing is being investigated as a potential homicide.

DeAsia Green, a 15-year-old student at Start High School, was found dead on Tuesday after police received a missing person report on Monday. Toledo police discovered her body in an alley.

Although no suspects have been identified, the incident is being investigated by authorities as a homicide. Regarding the circumstances of the teen’s death, nothing is known at this time.

According to detectives who talked with WTVG, DeAsia Green’s parents had earlier in the month reported her missing. Although her parents considered the teen’s departure this time remarkable, police labelled her as a “habitual runaway.”

DeAsia Green’s parents gave a police search team the knowledge they had discovered, which assisted the squad in finding DeAsia’s body.

DeAndre Green, a 2010 homicide victim whose murder is still unsolved, had a relationship with the 15-year-old, according to investigators, who confirmed it on Tuesday. The year before, WTVG featured his case on Case Files. According to the police, DeAsia’s death is unrelated to her father’s.

A vigil for 15-year-old DeAsia Green

A gunshot-like noise interrupted DeAsia Green’s family, friends, and loved ones as they gathered for a vigil on Tuesday in the same north Toledo alley where her body was found the day before. This caused everyone to flee. Later, police informed WTOL 11 that the bang they had heard was a firework going off. For her parents and other family members, the vigil was a cathartic release and the start of their healing journey.

Even though the vigil was cut short, DeAsia’s mother, Teairra Hill, thanked everyone in attendance for coming and for their support while crying.

Asia would value you too, according to Hill, who added, “I honestly appreciate you all so much; it means everything to me. If anything, she adored her friends and her family. The fireworks started soon after. David Bush, a commissioner for Save Our Community, claims that the vigil’s purpose of remembering the Start High School first-year students was not lessened by its length.

He continued, “Celebrating a life or mourning a life is simply something that’s embedded in our community because these families need to know that they’re being seen or heard in their time of loss. Bush emphasised the significance of providing unwavering support for DeAsia’s family even after her tragically short life had ended.

He remarked that these families needed to know we were there for them. “Save Our Community will always play a part in that,” the speaker said. “We want people to lay down their guns and we want to resolve problems by alternate means.”

According to Bush, the City of Toledo’s Save Our Community violence intervention programme is a symbol of the effort to put an end to more killings as well as an expansion of the Glass City’s support for families who have lost children to violence.

Bush asserted that the program’s continued effectiveness had piqued the curiosity of outside parties. He declared that a group from Cleveland would be watching the Toledo team in the future.

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