How did Nelda Rodger die? Azure Magazine co founder cause of death explained

After a protracted illness, Nelda Rodger, the editorial director and co-founder of Azure, passed away. Let’s look at how Nelda Rodger passed away and the specifics of her cause of death.

How did Nelda Rodger die?

After a protracted illness, Nelda Rodger, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the architecture and design magazine Azure, passed away suddenly.

1952-born Rodger founded the acclaimed Azure magazine in 1985 with her life companion Sergio Sgaramella. Later on, she created the magazine’s annual AZ Awards.

She died on January 4 at the age of 70.

The heartbreaking information was shared on Twitter by Azure Magazine.

Nelda Rodger cause of death

The community is inconsolable about Nelda Rodger’s cause of death.

Apart from the confirmation of his death, the actual cause of Nelda Rodger’s death has not yet been made public; therefore, it is currently unknown what caused him to pass away. We are trying to contact his friends and relatives to find out more about Nelda Rodger’s cause of death.

Nelda Rodger
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Who was Nelda Rodger?

Azure was founded in 1985 by Nelda and Sergio Sgaramella. Nelda’s distinctive editorial vision, tenacity, and honesty allowed the journal—which began as a small local tabloid—to grow and change through time to become a leading source of information on global design and architecture.

She interviewed many well-known greats, including Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Enzo Mari, and Gaetano Pesce. She also wrote about and had stories about several now-famous practitioners, including Karim Rashid, Patricia Urquiola, Ron Arad, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, and David Adjaye, who were at the time just starting their careers.

Azure Magazine

Azure was overflowing with Nelda’s inimitable sense of humour and intellectual and spiritual openness. She inspired several writers, editors, art directors, and Azureus over decades. She instructed students in the interpretation, appreciation, and analysis of design and the creation of narratives about a dynamically changing world.

She expanded the word’s definition by expressing worries about the growth of cities, the importance of water, and the future of food long before these subjects were considered to be within the purview of “design.” She and Sergio kept looking for ways to expand the brand, renaming Azure magazine to AZURE Media as the print journal gained popularity and readership.

Her boundless excitement served as an example to everyone around her. Nelda was a pivotal contributor to the growth of Design Lines magazine,, and the creation and management of the AZ Awards. The yearly competition attracted over a thousand entries each year from the top businesses throughout the world under Nelda’s direction, increasing in size and stature to judge architecture and design of the most outstanding calibre.

The contest was a first-of-its-kind awards programme with a Canadian focus, an international guide, and a jury of A-list celebrities. She was particularly proud of the AZ Awards, culminating in an annual banquet that made her very happy and drew hundreds of business titans together to honour design.

“First-of-its-kind” awards program

The AZ Awards, which celebrate international architecture and design initiatives, were launched in 2011 by Rodger and Azure under the aegis of Azure Media.

One of the people who remember Rodger is Karen T. Kang, the head of partnerships at TikTok, who met her for the first time in 2007 and worked with her in 2013.

Tributes to Nelda Rodger

Numerous people conveyed their deepest condolences to her family and how dearly they adored her.

One of the most horrible situations somebody can go through in life is losing a loved one. There must be a final destination for every voyage. Unfortunately, the person’s time on earth has ended with their death.

We extend her loved ones, family, and friends our best wishes for eternal peace and prayers. I pray for her serenity.

Please leave a condolence in the comment section below regarding Nelda Rodger.

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