False information is circulating about Karon Blake’s shooting death.

Days after a 13-year-old kid was fatally shot in D.C.’s Brookland neighbourhood, Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee III held a news conference to address the case’s disinformation.

Image source- FOX 5 DC

Karon Blake was killed by an adult in the neighbourhood who said he saw Karon fiddling with automobiles in the vicinity. The guy allegedly chatted with Karon before shooting him with a licensed firearm.

After the shooting, the guy contacted the police, and when cops came, they saw him doing CPR on Karon. The 13-year-old was subsequently declared deceased at a nearby hospital.

No one has been apprehended since the fatal shooting, and police claim no firearms have been discovered.

Police have not identified the gunman, leaving neighbours in the dark

“Of course, we don’t have all of the information yet. So it’s difficult to judge whether it’s, you know, warranted, “said a neighbour who begged not to be identified. “However, based on what we know today, it doesn’t appear that way,” he remarked.

Contee held a news conference on Tuesday to clear up misunderstandings regarding the case.

Contee said that MPD is aware of photographs on social media of persons who have no link to the case. He claims that people are distributing images of innocent individuals and alleging that the persons in the pictures are to blame for Karon’s murder.

Contee refused to name the gunman again at the news conference, stating that the department does not identify persons in comparable circumstances until there is a warrant or the person is actively sought. He only verified that the gunman was a Black male who was not a member of law enforcement.

Why does Contee refuse to call the police?

Contee denied calling the police before the incident to report the suspected suspicious activities. He advises people to notify the police if they witness others messing with automobiles in their neighbourhood rather than taking matters into their own hands.

According to Contee, investigators are aggressively investigating the fatal shooting, gathering evidence and information to submit to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

He commended community members for coming forward with information and encouraged anybody with video evidence or information to call detectives at 202-727-9099 or by texting the department’s confidential tip line at 50411.

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