Who is Suzanne Jackson Husband?

Irish television host, blogger, and businesswoman Suzanne Jackson O’Connor[1] was born in Dublin on October 22, 1984. The SoSueMe blog was started by her. Jackson started blogging in 2010. By 2013, she had quit her job and was focusing solely on her blog. She introduced the “SoSu Cosmetics” line of cosmetics in 2016. She has come under fire after it was claimed that her line of cosmetics was manufactured using private labeling, but she insists that this is untrue. Jackson debuted the “Dripping Gold” tan brand in 2018.The year 2020 saw profits of €2.12m reported by her company, Cohar Ltd.

Jackson announced in July 2022 that she would be leaving her positions as CEO of “SoSu Cosmetics” and “Dripping Gold” tanning brands. Caroline Dalton was selected as her replacement in October 2022.

Who is Suzanne Jackson’s Husband?

In Skerries, Jackson was raised. She wed Dylan O’Connor in 2017. Irish news and media outlets published pictures from her wedding in RSVP Magazine. The couple still calls Malahide home as of 2019. In May 2021, Jackson made known that she would be moving to Portugal. A month later, in June 2021, Jackson declared that she would continue to reside in Ireland.

Health of Suzanne Jackson Husband

Dylan O’Connor is attempting to regain his optimal health, according to Suzanne Jackson, who is his wife.

Since moving from Ireland to Portugal, he has devoted himself to taking fitness classes, swimming, cycling, and sailing on their new yacht. He also supports his wife in running a prosperous beauty salon.

Suzanne Jackson Makes An Exciting Change After Marring Soulmate Dylan
Source: Evoke

Since getting married in August 2017, the couple has developed a wonderful lifestyle together but also face challenges outside of their marriage. “I feel as though my current area of focus is business. Dylan is an amazing blessing in my life. When I need him, he is very encouraging, Suzanne told VIP Magazine.

Dylan is there when things go wrong, as they occasionally do in business, but right now his top priority is trying to get healthy again. We haven’t changed over the years, but as you get older, I do believe it’s critical to have separate goals and interests as a couple.

We have a life together after we each have our own lives. He successfully completes the challenges in sport, which I love in business. “. To get in better shape, Dylan has given up alcohol.

Dylan no longer really consumes alcohol, according to Suzanne. He has committed himself fully to working out and eating extremely well. He attends swim lessons at 9:30 a.m.; he has been cited as one of the fittest individuals there; and he recently purchased a bicycle and is now cycling as well.

“However, Dylan has always been very athletic. Even at one point, he played professionally. “.

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