What was tiktok star Noah Brady Cause of Death?

Noah Brady, a popular user on TikTok under the handle pworddestroyer69, passed unexpectedly on Saturday (Jan. 7, 2023). Noah, who is known for producing amusing tattoo films, undoubtedly made people grin with his artwork. His relatives verified his passing. To find out how he passed away, continue reading.

Who was Noah Brady?

Noah Brady was a famous TikTok star with a massive following of more than 300K followers on TikTok and more than 20.6K on Instagram. The 21-year-old social media personality was known for his ‘tattoo videos’ to fans of him. He first gained recognition in July 2021 when he released the first ‘tattoo challenge’ video.

In one of his Instagram videos, Noah created a beautiful scorpion on a girl’s thigh and etched “Us against the world” underneath. On her other thigh, she’s crafted a piece of art, with the caption “no matter what.” Fans of him have jumped into the comment section and let them know how much they want to get a tattoo from him.

One fan wrote, “I need your tattoo before I die someday! please, and thank you. before you start filming. One wrote: “hahaha you stupid dude!!! can’t wait to hear more!

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Since then, Noah has gotten to tattoo a variety of things, including orange soda, record players, juice boxes, and more. Sadly, the man known for his quirky personality and good vibes is no more! He passed away at the age of 21, leaving his fans in shock. His family confirmed the news of his death.

How did Noah die?

His family confirmed the news of Noah’s death. It has emerged that the TikTok star has committed suicide. Her mother, Rena Smith Brady, took to Facebook to reveal the sad news, writing:

You may not always be able to tell how hurt someone is when they grin. “I’m sorry, when he came about midnight, I wasn’t anticipating this result,” the hotel receptionist remarked, apologising. He smiled as he checked in. It was Noah; he was one of the least judgemental individuals I know and had the largest, cheeriest smile of everyone I know. Noah was also nice and the light of the party. People who knew him well knew that he was not who he appeared to be on social media.

His mother revealed that Noah suffered from constant depression since 9th grade. 

However, in October last year, he spoke openly about his struggles with his family. “We tried everything to help him in such a short time,” she said. However, his demons got the better of him and he decided to give up on life.

“Last night I stayed up all night trying to talk him out of it. Unfortunately 5:18am was the last text I received from him. He recently told me, “No one should cry for me,” he added. “Be happy I’m not in pain anymore, because I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.” Before the rumors started, he didn’t overdose,” his mother concluded.

Devastated fans took to social media to offer condolences and respects to Noah. One user wrote: “So grateful to have met you Noah. I’ll never forget listening to Taylor Swift together. Rest in peace king.” Another wrote: “TikTok will truly not be the same. Rip, I’m so sorry.” Rest in peace. Seems like yesterday when I followed your page at the beginning of your journey on it. “Rest in peace Noa.

You were the sweetest,” wrote another. Noah’s mom also informed everyone that he didn’t overdose on drugs to kill himself. Rena urged her fans to watch their loved ones and educate them about the importance of mental health. Our hearts go out to the family of this young star who left the world far too soon.

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