Domestic Violence: Wendy Duan found dead in the backyard, What happened to the Houston elementary school teacher?

An Alief ISD teacher died Saturday night as a result of domestic violence, according to the police.

A shooting was reported in the 1100 block of Oxford Mills Lane in New Territory at 9:50 p.m., and Sugar Land police officers responded.

Tony Thomas, a neighbour, described hearing four distinct gunshots out of the blue. “I dropped everything I was doing and came outside. It was extremely frightening at the time,” Thomas said.

Officers discovered a 29-year-old lady who had suffered numerous gunshot wounds dead in the backyard when they arrived.

What happened to Wendy Duan?

Police claim that domestic violence was the cause of the death of a teacher from Alief ISD on Saturday night. The 1100 block of Oxford Mills Lane in the New Territory area was the scene of a shooting around 9:50 p.m. Sugar Land police officers were sent to the location.

According to Tony Thomas, a neighbour, four distinct gunshots were heard. Because it was so terrifying, Thomas claimed, he stopped what he was doing and went outside.

Officers arrived to find a 29-year-old woman shot dead multiple times in the backyard. Wendy Duan, a primary school instructor at Alief ISD, was eventually recognised by police as the lady.

Police Investigation

Another neighbour, Sandy Thomas, observed, “We’d talk to each other, and she told me she’s a teacher, so not much conversation, but she seemed like a nice girl; we would see each other on and off occasionally.”

A man has been listed as a suspect by investigators, who think domestic abuse may have been a factor in the shooting. Police also claimed to have identified a suspect, albeit he is not currently in jail. Duan has been a teachers’ assistant for the district since 2017, according to Alief ISD, who further notes:

We were shocked to learn about Wendy Duan’s tragic passing while working for Alief ISD. We keep her family in our prayers and thoughts during this trying time.

The number of domestic and family violence incidents in Houston has been rising alarmingly. Because they feel afraid, helpless, or humiliated, victims frequently suffer in silence.

Wendy Duan
Image Source: ABC13

Wendy Duan Obituary

Preliminary information from the Sugar Land Police Department indicates that at around 9:50 p.m., local homeowners in the 1100 block of Oxford Mills reported hearing gunshots to the police. Following information from the neighbourhood, the report was filed with the authorities. We are very grateful that the Sugar Land Police Department was so kind as to provide us with this information. The interrogated individuals claimed that the gunshots on that particular evening, just as they were ready to fall asleep, had shocked them awake. When the police came, Wendy Duan, a female victim who had suffered multiple gunshot wounds, was discovered dead in the home’s backyard.

When they arrived, Wendy Duan was found dead by the authorities. She had been the centre of attention during the shooting that had taken place. She was 28 years old at the time when the incident in question occurred, according to the story’s specifics. It is suspected that a prior domestic violence incident catalyzed the shooting that occurred there, even though there was nobody else in the house when the police arrived.

Even though there was nobody else home, this happened. The success of law enforcement in apprehending a suspect lends further credence to this theory. As a direct result of this, the authorities could have been able to identify a potential shooter, but at the time that this study was completed, they had yet to make this information public.

The authorities may have been able to identify a shooter using this information. Several factors, including the following details, were kept from the general public: The Alief Independent School District’s administrators have determined that Duan has been employed as an elementary school assistant teacher since 2017. The district authorities arrived at this conclusion. The Alief Independent School District’s administrators came to this conclusion. We are appreciative to the Alief Independent School District for sharing this information with us in such a polite manner.

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