Tiktok star Noah brady dies by suicide, What happened to him? Explained

Noah Brady, known as pworddestroyer69 on the popular social media platform TikTok, passed away on Saturday (Jan. 7, 2023). With his artwork, Noah, who is known for making amusing tattoo videos, undoubtedly made people grin. His family verified that he had passed away. Discover his reason of death by reading on.

Devastated followers paid tribute to Noah on social media and offered sympathies. I’m so happy we met, Noah,” one user remarked. We listened to Taylor Swift together, and I’ll never forget it. King, relax. Another person said: “TikTok won’t be the same. Rip, I apologise. Take it easy. I remember following your page at the beginning of your journey there, like yesterday. “Nathan, rest in peace. You were the sweetest,” another person wrote.

Noah’s mother also told everyone that he did not intentionally overdose on drugs to end his life. Rena encouraged his followers to check on their family members and raise awareness of the value of mental health.

How did Noah Brady die?

The deceased was Noah Brady, also known online as pworddestroyer69. His family members confirmed that he had passed away.

The talented young TikTok star Noah, who was able to make many people happy, passed away, and his fans have been inconsolable.

On social media, many people swiftly voiced their opinions and offered condolences to the family.

Although Noah didn’t let his family know he was melancholy until October, according to his mother, Rena, he had been dealing with it since the ninth grade. She remarked, “In that brief time, we tried everything we could to help him.

“Last night, I remained up all night attempting to convince him otherwise. Sadly, the last text I received from him was at 5:18 in the morning. Recently, he had said, “No one should mourn for me. I would never want this to happen to anyone; therefore, I rejoice that I’m no longer in anguish. He did not overdose before the rumours began.

In addition to highlighting the significance of mental health, Rena reminded people to check on their loved ones constantly.

Noah brady
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Noah Brady Cause of death:

Noah allegedly killed himself, according to his family. It was assumed that he had been depressed when he committed suicide.

His mother, Rena Smith Brady, posted a Facebook confirmation that he had passed away.

In her message, she wrote, “You sometimes never know the suffering behind someone’s smile.

“I’m sorry, I would have never imagined this conclusion when he checked in about midnight,” the hotel staffer at the front desk apologised. That was Noah, and he had the most incredible, the cheeriest smile of anyone I know. He checked in happy. Noah was good. He was the party’s life and soul.

Noah was one of the least critical people I know, and he made friends with everyone. He wasn’t the same person he appeared to be on social media, as those who knew him well know.

Funeral plans will be published at a later date. Hopefully, Showlow will be on the following Saturday.

Who was Noah Brady?

A social media influencer with more than 17k Instagram followers and 300k TikTok followers, Noah.

He rapidly rose to fame on TikTok after deciding to film videos of himself getting tattooed every day for a year. He initially released a video about this challenge in July 2021.

Since then, Noah had penned several items that his supporters had suggested.
Here are a few examples: orange drinks, juice boxes, record players, and many more.

Condolences to Noah Brady:

I lost another role model that I always looked up to. Someone who, through the stuff he created on Tiktok, made me happy and helped me get through difficult times. His movies would improve my day and make me grin when I had a terrible one. Noah, we will genuinely miss you. I send Noah’s family my condolences and pray that God will guide them through these trying times. #NoahBrady

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