Andrew Tate in hospital? What happened in the jail?

Andrew Tate tweeted a cryptic tweet about a “Matrix” assault after being brought to the hospital during his 30-day sentence in a Romanian prison.

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He and his brother Tristan, 34, were arrested for 24 hours before a court granted police a 30-day extension to keep them in a detention centre.

And, despite being in a 30-day incarceration, Andrew, 36, has maintained a consistent social media presence, with his verified Twitter account tweeting daily. His latest post came only hours after Romanian news station Antena 3 CNN reported that one of the Tate brothers was brought to the hospital after a “regular medical check”.

Tate’s account, which has over 4.4 million followers and is his primary social media outlet after being banned from all other platforms last year for his controversial and, at times, misogynist views, posted a screenshot of a news story about his hospital visit with the caption: “I’ve been attacked by the Matrix. But they are mistaken; you cannot destroy an idea. It’s difficult to kill.”

Did somebody beat them up in jail?

According to news sources, neither of the Tate brothers was brought to the hospital, and it is unclear if Andrew or Tristan is currently back in jail. This isn’t the first time Andrew has alleged “The Matrix” or the powers that be in media, politics, and substantial-tech businesses have targeted him.

The oldest Tate brother told cameras filming, “The Matrix has attacked me” as he was escorted from his luxury house to police custody in December. A tweet from his account said, “The Matrix dispatched its operatives”, in his first post following his arrest and after he was sentenced to another 30 days.

Andrew and Tristan Tate were both arrested for allegedly organizing an organized gang that employed females in pornographic movies. 

The Twitter discussion went too far.

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Andrew Tate got into an argument with climate activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter a few days before his arrest when he boasted about the “huge emissions” from his Bugatti. She reacted by saying he had “little d*** energy” and should “get a life,” then teasing him for his incarceration in a later post, both of which were among the top ten most-liked tweets in history.

He is no stranger to celebrity feuds and has been considered a potential opponent for several well-known YouTube fighters, including Logan, Jake Paul, and KSI. Logan continues to throw barbs at the former kickboxing champion after calling him out last August following his ‘two bouts in one night’ gimmick boxing event.

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